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Who Knew?

It won accolades from the young lass. It had, after all, been her idea and strangely enough not something I would ever have thought of. So it’s not surprising that she uttered the following sentence.

“Nan, this is the best supper in the whole wide world.”

Local rancher ground beef turned into the stellar hamburgers that my other half is known for. Ceasar salad, which right now is the 4 year old’s absolute favourite thing to eat. AND poutine. Like first off what 4 year old knows what poutine is? Secondly how is it that I have NEVER had poutine until this moment in time.

Well ok I kind of grew up under a rock or at least in the boondocks. I had never heard of poutine and even my city raised husband doesn’t remember it either. In fact he visited Quebec in 1980 and doesn’t even remember it being a “thing” that tourists did.

Occasionally when I was a teenager, if a sporting event was over at the right time, we would go the cafe for fries but I was like NO NOT Pass The Gravy Near My Fries. I thought that was gross and disgusting. I liked salt and vinegar on my fries, not even ketchup. It’s still rare for me to put ketchup on fries. So gravy and cheese curds? Hm…

Fast forward a few decades and I guess it was time. Momma always tells Young A that “you don’t know if you don’t like it unless you try it” so Nan stepped up to the plate.

Did you know you can even buy a small package of cheese curds? Who knew? You can also buy a package to make gravy for poutine so that’s super easy. We often make our own fries but Young A’s favourite ones are the Cavendish ones and she’s right – they are good!

Really this post comes without any instructions or recipes except ENJOY! Now the problem is to avoid eating it too often! I am quite certain it would be outstanding with an IPA craft beer sitting outside on a patio.

So there you have it. A quick and easy #whatonyourplateblogchallenge finally completed just in time the August challenge that can be found on Donna’s blog here or Deb’s here at . For such a simple concept it’s been 3 weeks in the draft file!

Now tell me. Did you know that poutine is so tasty or are you team virgin fries?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

22 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. The best compliment in the world, especially coming from the young lass. I realize poutine is big in Canada… husband often orders it…….not my thing, and possibly I did not taste the right one. I am a purist when it comes to fries. And, a guilty pleasure – homemade/oven. Thanks for my morning drool, Bernie.


    1. I think I am with you; crispy homemade oven fries with seasoning salt. That’s my guilty pleasure. We just went out for our first outdoor meal since Covid and I had poutine. I might try it again but I don’t think it’s my thing either. Thanks for stopping by and engaging here. Take care. Bernie

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  2. My husband tried poutine while we were in Quebec several years ago and didn’t think much of it (he loves french fries with tons of ketchup). I couldn’t even get myself to try it. I guess it’s a love it or hate it dish. I love that the 4 year old’s favorite thing to eat is Caesar salad.


    1. You know what’s amazing about the 4 year old and the caesar salad? It was her mom’s favourite food at that age and she would even eat it for breakfast and still loves it! The poutine?? I am not 100 convinced but think I will try it in a restaurant setting one of these “years” as I don’t feel like we will be dining in anywhere soon. Maybe find a patio before summer flies by into fall. Take care. Bernie


  3. I’ve never had poutine but I know of it. As for fries aka as chips, I like to dip them in curry sauce when I can get it. There used to be an English pub around here that made the best curry sauce. The pub didn’t survive the pandemic which makes me sad.


    1. Ally, I didn’t know you guys down there called fries chips. I know that the English do that as well. Curry sauce hey? Interesting as I would peg that as an English thing as well. In Auz they put sweet chili sauce on their fries and man it’s good! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  4. Poutine is a guilt pleasure wherever we go. Quebec City, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Beaumont. We do not eat it too often, but the warm gravy and squeak of the cheese curds is a guilty pleasure. It does look like the best meal ever Bernie. Stay well. Allan

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    1. I think I will definitely try it someday when we return to eating out. Not sure when that will be but maybe we will try to find somewhere this summer that serves outdoor and have that craft beer and poutine. I am pretty sure they are a match made in heaven! Bet you guys are still just doing take out. Thanks for stopping in to comment on this blog challenge post Allan.

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      1. Just take out to be sure, although on Vancouver Island, we did dine in twice with Pat’s Dad. It was strange, but at an early time with few people and in on the Island with few cases and no variants, it turned out OK. We just ordered in poutine from our local French Canadian restaurant here on Friday. It was delicious. Stay well Bernie. Allan


      2. You had poutine!! That perhaps is related to my post I bet. I must try to challenge myself to go out once this summer quickly as our numbers are rising so so quickly. Plus both Sask and Alta are lagging behind on vaccinations. Interesting as I thought with all the protests in Manitoba they would be as well but they have really picked up. I think you are right if you chose the time and the place you can keep the risk low. Thanks for reading, Take care. Bernie


  5. Poutine (in all its variations) is quite tasty, in my humble opinion. But I have to be very hungry to enjoy it, as French fries are not my preferred starch. There is even a Dutch version called “kapsalon” (translation: hairdresser…don’t ask…I have no idea why). It is french fries with gravy and cheese and salad and donair meat and garlic sauce, considered the perfect meal to end a night visiting the bars. I had it once (for lunch) and thought it was quite good. Thanks for joining in, Bernie. Cute and funny post!


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    1. The Dutch ones sounds “interesting”. Salad on the fries or beside makes a huge difference. I have heard that people now have all sorts of poutine like pulled pork (similar to donair meat) and other things so who knows? Maybe next time I will be even more adventuresome. Definitely going to try it someday when we once again go out to eat. Not sure when that will be but perhaps one of these “months”! What is your preferred starch? I am a huge potato fan in all forms except for scalloped potatoes – I will eat them but they are my least favourite ones. Thanks for the invite. Now I just have to master this widget thingie!!

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      1. I’d probably choose rice or bread over french fries. I like potatoes but not as much as rice or a good bread. And french fries only have an appeal for me when I am super hungry. I’ve recently gotten back into pasta dishes too (thank you Baked Feta Pasta 😁).


      2. I love pasta but rarely eat bread except for breakfast. Oh I still haven’t tried the baked feta pasta so will put feta on my grocery list and add it to my menu. Thanks for the reminder. I think you put a link up for it. Rice we rotate through the menu and have a few good recipes but potatoes probably rank # 1 for both of us.

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  6. I simply don’t understand the whole poutine thing. Gravy on fries? I don’t think so. I like my fries crispy … not a mush under coagulating gravy. Truth is, I’m not a gravy fan on anything.

    It does, however, appeal to a lot of people though. I made it once as a hot snack one winter afternoon when my guys were over visiting. I blinked, and the large platter of fries I made were gone. Every last bit.

    Now that I think about it, I wonder why I’ve never made it again. It’s super easy, and well received. Hmmm – food for thought 😉

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    1. I was definitely the non gravy camp but I think I’ve had a small change of heart. I think a crispy fry is my preference but still as an occasional treat this was pretty good. I love gravy but only on certain things: my husband and son — gravy on the WHOLE PLATE. Ugh. Guess you have your next game day snack organized! Thanks for stopping in to read and comment. It seems poutine brings out the comments! Who knew indeed!

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    1. The bonus Donna is that it’s so easy to make! Add a protein and a salad and boom. It’s a bit on the heavy side but most kids can wear off those calories in a heartbeat!


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