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Winter’s Colours

I emerged from the dungeon this evening just after 6. The fall lite had let go and that blue darkness was descending already. Each year I lament the loss of daylight hours but tonight I embraced that special winter colour.

The snow has come and gone here twice but we’ve been fortunate to escape what our neighbouring provinces have been hit with. So I didn’t use a real scene as my inspiration but rather the scene my instructor drew. As you can see no two turn out identical. We used the same three colours but have vastly different looking paintings. I think that’s why watercolour can be a challenge as it’s hard to replicate something exactly.

Now in a more experienced hand the results are softer. The shadow and tree branches more balanced and the bushes in the distance have more definition.

I forgot to take a picture of our instructor’s picture but suffice to say it was really good. We also discussed that we all seem to demand a lot from ourselves and that everyone else’s always looks better. We are, as always and in most of life, our own worst critic.

I for one, am going to use this card. I’m going to sign and date it and send it out into the world. I’m going to trust that it will be recieved with an open heart as a hand crafted original!

That’s a positive spin for sure!