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Big wheels rolling & a rocky start

Our paths today turned up island via the big wheels of a van. The tour company picked us up, far too bright and early, but it was because we shared the trip with another couple who had 40 kms to bike versus our stay and “play” day. We started at the North Point Lighthouse and worked our way south. And hey I actually had my directions today.

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#SundayStills Wheeling Away

The Sunday’s still theme this week of vacation or staycation so was an easy one for me to peddle on with. We are on a bike vacation on the province island of Prince Edward Island.

There is something so exhilarating about traveling to sites previously unseen. The adventures that awaits. The interesting things to be seen and friendly folks to chat with. Add in local beer and, in this case, fresh seafood and what more could one ask for!

On a staycation we just do projects and forget to go do fun local things. So here’s to our bike trip. The first in so so so many years that I think both the Czech Republic and Portugal were before I started blogging. I’ve done power point presentations about them but they’ve never had a staring role like PEI is about to have.

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