Rolling Stone Supper Date

It’s amazing how doing something once makes it a tradition. Although this time internet research was done and yet we ended up back at the same place. Because you know, it’s tradition now. It’s one of those Continue reading

B2B (back to blogging)

I seemed to have been a bit absent in the blogging world during August. There was a variety of “stuff” that happened which all preempted blogging.

Then last night my Continue reading

For Better or Worse

About a kazillion years ago we said “I do” along with the words “for better or worse, in sickness and in health”. When you are 22 those words don’t have the same connotation that they carry as we age. Of course that is a generalization because many young couples face some tough times and ill health.

The odds though increase as we age. We have Continue reading

The “Sign”

This post started out a lot differently than it is going to end.

On Wednesday, or Tuesday perhaps as holidays distort the days of the week, I awoke to a Continue reading

Not on the list

Very few of my activities today were pre planned and on the to do list; least of all hitching a ride with a stranger.

Last year about this time, on CBC radio, I listened to an interesting interview. It was a recently retired woman, I believe a teacher, who felt she needed to challenge herself for the next year. A natural introvert she worried about becoming too self-contained so she started a blog called A year of strangers and in it she writes about random encounters she makes. I had expected daily posts but it’s been a bit more hit and miss. Some of them are poignant, some unsettling and the odd one is laugh out loud funny. Continue reading

Canada Day 151

Construction season leaves little time for blogging or Canada Day and we didn’t really get a rain delay like I’d hoped. After yesterday’s marathon 14 hours we could have used a break. So, armed with new work gloves, a jacket and a swig of Continue reading