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The Best Part

I liked work Monday’s for several reasons but for the last few months they haven’t been my favorite. Not so this Monday when we did an impromptu adventure to the Children’s Festival.

Her little brother was there but spent most of his time in the stroller. When he was out I forgot to capture his cute little face probably because I was too busy kissing those adorable cheeks!

We left there and hit the pet food/garden center. It’s always good to have help! Although after she was packed in her car seat with momma and I reviewed my list I had to go back into the store!

Monday was all about new experiences while today was about being a home body. That meant a little playtime at momma’s house in the morning. Songs, snuggles and giggles galore from the not so little Little one.

Then A came home with me; 24 hours of fun and games! We baked, play dough created, vacuumed, played with Fisher Price vintage toys, “played” buttons while Nan sewed on her challenge, watered plants, rode bike (with a solid crash) and played with the digger.

This is the very best of semi retirement; the week book cased with precious grandchild time. I am so blessed that they live close by and that both parents are happy to let us be so involved. This is probably the biggest reason that I choice to retire from full time at 60. In 5 years A will be in 7 and in school full time while Little Baby C will be nearly ready for kindergarten. This time now is so precious.