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A Welcome Note

I went in to do my student evaluations this evening and found this story front and center in my University email box. The link will take you through to the story of Captain Cowie and his ultimate sacrifice. There is info about his campus connections and his family ties to Saskatoon that still exist today. These are the stories that I mentioned yesterday that are so hard to capture so I am pleased that this one popped into my world today. The link is here at

And for even further surprises and delight I saw action at the actual Memorial Gates. I was appalled at the weeds growing in what is usually a flower bed. So last week I called the Facilities Management Department (this is the home of the Tumultuous Tuesday that changed our lives)  and talked to a real person after 1 ring and gave her my concern. Today the weeds were mowed over and the area looks better. Certainly not as good as flowers and I feel certain it would benefit from some crosses with poppies; similar to what we saw on many sites in Belgium and France so that is my goal for this weekend.

Memorial Gates, University of Saskatchewan

This is a nice counter balance to the full size blow up Santa and sled I saw on a front lawn 1 block away. Heavy sigh.


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#Sundaystills Right out My Door

I was going to skip this last week for a large number of reasons (and indeed may be already too late to link up) with the Sunday stills theme of the great outdoo

But…this week the theme was front and center at Nan’s house. I had enrolled my “littles” in at Timbernook for a session called “Little Wild Ones”.  This international outdoor school has a location literally right across the road from me; 1.5 km down a big hill. Our outdoor adventure included getting there.

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