What not to wear 

There was a show a few years back where “they” picked apart someone’s sense of style and their wardrobe. Tips were given for shopping and some money and off they went to reinvent their own look but much more tastefully.

Well yes I could have been a participant on it except that I’d bloody well refuse to Continue reading

June Beauty

I’m very fond of January which isn’t a statement most people make but perhaps June is my favorite. I’m all about the sunlight and June just can’t be topped for that. It’s like the light goes on and on and on! I’m like a school age child and never want to go to bed because it is still light out. 

These next two are from a walk that we finished after 10 one evening this week. The moon has been stellar this week, the twilight lingers on and on and then the morning sun starts peeking out so early. 

The plus to all that sun is that everything is growing like crazy! We could certainly use some serious rain but even so it’s all very green except for the trees. They are just plain ugly. Fortunately the worst of the caterpillars seems to be over. 

But the flowers and plants are a looking worth a few photos. I’m not sure what a couple of them are but the colours and textures are wonderful! The last one has only been growing for a few months but we will enjoy watching this little beauty pop up. 



An Unexpected End 

There are times were the ending makes up for the beginning and perhaps even the middle. 

Such was how our evening ended. We enjoyed our first bike ride together, returning as the sun was setting.  Glory be that the wind had totally died down so we sat by the fire for a couple of hours. We watched the twilight darken but even as I write at midnight it’s still a bit light. The joys of June. The stars and the moon are in full glory and if it wasn’t for the mosquitos it would be perfect. I’m more fond of ticks or caterpillars than those little biting devils.

The beginning of the day included 4 hours of financial data entering and ended with a small meltdown on my part. The weeding was way more fun than that and I’m not fond of pulling those suckers. We capped our afternoon off by spending over an hour hashing out details and options with our financial advisory. That always makes my head spin. 

So how wonderful that the windy day turned into a calm beautiful evening and we were lucky enough to be home to enjoy it. 

Have a good weekend everyone. I sincerely hope you can find some time to rejuvenate your soul as well.