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To do or not to do…

I wiped the chalkboard clean for I was under doctor’s orders to be a couch potato for the weekend. The to-do list would have to wait.

For as long as I can recall I’ve been a list maker. I really do thrive off of each task accomplished on the list. It helps keep my head and my soul in alignment so to speak. Perhaps that seems overly dramatic but it really does help keep my focus.

I have a huge variety of lists on the go

  • The to do list
  • Long term projects
  • House projects (shared list)
  • Creative attic ideas
  • Genealogy tasks (seriously someday I will get to ths)
  • Volunteer projects and follow up
  • Weekly wellness goals
  • Menus and grocery lists
  • Christmas gift list
  • Upcoming trip list (yeah to that but as a side note I kept the Yukon 2020 list because we hope to go next year)
  • The garden list & freezer/cold storage lists
  • The city errand list
  • Told you I was a list maker!!

Each day I assess various items, check out time frames and pick tasks and projects to focus on. Of course the endless tasks like meals, laundry and cleaning that go on the list, get ticked off and added back on later.  Life goes on.

I know my core values. I try to live by them and not just by lists. Family, friends, creativity and fitness rank at the top and I will drop just about anything for my children and those super special grandchildren. I try to connect regularly by phone, text, email or in person with those I share a true connection with. I give of my creative talents which in turn gives back to me so perhaps my lists work both ways.  I do tend to focus on the to do list but the bigger picture is usually on the horizon. I feel like my values make me happy, loving, healthy and awesome. I like to just keep calm and carry on.

It’s interesting that this theme of doing versus being has come up on a few posts I’ve read lately. The words below were written by fellow blogger Pam over at Catch My Drift and really resonated with me.

For a moment, I soak it in: that long-forgotten sense of endless summer. The day’s fabric billows, ample, luxuriant.

I have things to do, of course, but it is Friday, and it is summer.

There is time to get started. And, if I don’t quite finish, there is tomorrow, too.

I am finishing up my breakfast as I write the end of this post. I am outside on the verandah in my happy place. Of course there is a list but I linger. Soaking in the sun and listening to the breeze in the trees. Then I look out to the garden and see the purple “flower” swaying but really it’s a Canada thistle and I need to address it and the saskatoons and the ….


Ps. My weekend of couch potato and the week of no lifting and bending meant I created a list of quiet things to do. And dusting was one of them but gosh I still didn’t do it!! Values…. obviously dust doesn’t matter.


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

19 thoughts on “To do or not to do…

  1. I love the to-be list! As another certified list maker, I am suitably impressed with your list of lists! I can tell you that dusting rarely makes it on any of my lists – I hate to dust! I do it only when it gets really bad… often that is noticed when someone is coming to visit. A little dust never hurt anyone!


    1. Pat I have a LOT of dust. Sod is now in place so hopefully back to regular dust levels! Love my lists. Even just copying out an old one to new paper and adding items makes me happy! Thanks for engaging here. That also makes me happy! Bernie

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    1. I have yet to accomplish the dust task and it’s a good thing I didn’t as we spread 30 yards of topsoil and have now put down sod. Maybe the dust will settle now? The other list I saw and thought “if only I lived my life like that” but I do try to focus on more than just the list. Hope things are settling down for you Donna with some time at home. Bernie


  2. I thought about a to do list but then realized that now that I’ve passed 60, everything is a priority. Yes this is the age where the things I want to do must be done soon or ill never be able to do them. The problem is that some things require a huge cash outlay and as much care as a dog 🐶. I’m speaking of a a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It would be seriously fun but also create many problems. Where would I put it when I’m not riding it? Where would I put it in the winter? What will the neighbours think 🤔. Actually the last one is not so important. Ah to be getting old where I have to do it now or never do it. I feel like an anxiety attack is coming on so I’ll try not to think about it for a while.

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    1. It’s so true Glen that we need to figure out the priorities and do the things that can’t wait. I doubt you would regret getting the bike but the logistics hey. I want to do the West Coast Trail and figure we only have 2 years left to make it happen. It’s been on our list since we were in our 20’s but I guess we never made it a priority. Take whatever wisdom from that story you want and apply it to your bike decision. Bernie

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      1. Yes but it was a long time ago. I was probably in my early 30s or maybe just turned 30 when I hiked it. It was popular then and it’s more popular now. It was long though. I was used to backpacking 12km per day in the mountains but on the West Coast Trail we had a hard time getting above 8 or 9 km per day.


      2. They’ve put in a lot more ladders apparently to make it easier. Huh? Climbing a ladder wirh my back pack is easier? A buddy of mine broke his ankle and had to be air lifted out. It’s not for the faint of heart or perhaps those with back issues like me….

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    1. Hm… not sure I know any VIP’s except for my grandkids and they don’t care about dust!! Good to hear from you and I hope all is well this summer with you. Bernie


  3. Gosh, Bernie, you never told us why your doc grounded you for the weekend. I hope whatever the concern is was helped by a dose of minimal activity. Dusting can ALWAYS wait!


    1. I had a minor eye procedure and bending/lifting were off limits. It’s all good now. My cranky back was zero better for the rest! Go figure. Thanks for enquiring about my grounded orders. Dusting definitely does wait!! Hope your summer is dust free! Bernie

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    1. Yes dust and laundry are endless items on the to do list. I guess the thing to focus on is how to be while still accomplishing those tasks we want or need to do…. hope you enjoy the summer whichever direction you end up “listing to”. Bernie


  4. A great post, Bernie, especially in summer. There are so many things that need doing, but the biggest thing is enjoying the views and the peaceful relaxation. I had quite the to do list when summer arrived and I have been doing the projects, but more slowly and only one a day. Amazingly, I am getting things done and I am still feeling relaxed and unhurried. My former senior Vice President was asked after he retired if he was going to take on a consulting job. He said No, I am enjoying retirement. Each day, when I get up, I give myself one task to accomplish. Some days it is only to read the globe and Mail and some days, I do not finish that task, but I am OK with that. He had it all figured out. Unfortunately he had an unknown health issue that eventually took his life way too early. But, at least he took time to enjoy not accomplishing. Hope your week is going well. Allan


    1. I can definitely say I enjoy the view but usually just on lunch break or at the very end of the day. We are pushing ahead in the project department and trying to keep up with all the regular items. Glad you’ve got the summer vibes going. Too bad at your former VP — that just seems to happen to a lot of people that within a couple of years they are gone or don’t even get to retire. In our department a lot of anesthesiologists die at 62. It’s very concerning to them that’s for sure. Check out the other blog tomorrow night for how our week went! Bernie

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