Eeire Silence of a New Era.

There’s been an eerie silence in this space as I try to work out this new era, blogging issues and my lifestyle.

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The Terminal

I was taught this phrase at work a few years ago and used it, contextually well, for the last time yesterday. In essence it is stacking Continue reading

Chopped Kicked Up

We did a little mini Chopped session at our house tonight. In case you aren’t familiar with “it” participants get 4 somewhat random ingredients and come up with a dish. Yes, well, obviously we spent far too much time watching cooking shows in this household but it came in handy.

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Top Dog 2018

I am a list maker, dedicated to the art of a nice clean list. I always have lists on the go for various aspects of my life. I have decided that I would do my Continue reading

Santa’s (aka grampa’s) Workshop

Here, in our land of Christmas magic, Santa’s workshop (aka Continue reading