Tonight’s post was brought about by the weather but before you leave because you think I’m whining about the rain (more on that later) stay tuned because it isn’t about the weather at all.  

Biking was cancelled and so I used my free time to be creative. Several weeks ago I decided I wanted to make Baby A a dress. So her momma left me a onsie (in my day called a diaper shirt) as the base. 

I went onto the internet and found a few tutorial options. Sometimes the issue is that there’s so many options. Without too much ado I just picked one and went with it. 

I pulled a few pieces of material from my left over stash and decided on the hearts as the base — because of course Baby A has my heart. 

A few cuts and a couple of serger seams later I had the easy parts done. The tutorial writer wished she had a serger — I don’t use mine often but it makes some tasks so quick. 

Then on to the gathering part which is always a bit finicky. I’m not a novice to clothing so I should have remembered that two basting threads are easier that one long one but I forgot. Once I got that on I pulled out the serger again to clean up the edges.

Once prepared the dress is then attached to the onsie with elastic. The nice thing is that the inside of the onsie has only one line of stitching on it. It finished up nicely but I’m not convinced that my elastic didn’t stretch out too much on the onsie. We shall see whether it’s too long or too wide. As a first attempt it looks cute. 

And if it doesn’t suit Baby A it looks good on Bear! Maybe a smidge long but overall pretty darn cute! Can’t wait to see it on Baby A. It’s, I’m totally sure, the first of many gramma made clothing items. 

I mentioned the weather earlier. I’m a farmer’s daughter, a rancher’s sister and a land owner with 110 acres of hay land so I never say no to rain except when the hay is on the ground. It’s been a tumultuous couple of weather days with some real stormy skies. 

My iPhone doesn’t do it justice but Dan’s mega expensive camera does! Isn’t that just an amazing photo!! He’s been out a few times and used our area as a backdrop. Lucky us!! 


Fresh Trails Pond Style 

I’ve wanted to do this since we moved to our big wide open prairie space. It’s crazy that it’s taken 8 years to make it happen. I guess the stars were finally aligned although really it was more of a wind, ice and snow factor that played a role.

Yesterday’s actual event was conceived on a late cold December night, the result of a lot of fun and laughter.  Continue reading

Forecast …

Occasionally “they” get it right and whether or not that makes us happy depends on several factors. If it’s more of a good thing we’re all smiles but if it’s at the other end of the spectrum the grumpies appear. 

Life as a meteorologist can’t be an easy one that’s for sure. This week they nailed our forecast which has made for some ugliness. The roads have been a challenge for sure and even walking becomes a lot more work and way muckier (although my phone seems to think that isn’t a word). My least favourite is the howling endless wind; it has reduced visibility for 3 days now. I’d also like to blame it for a 3 day headache but perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

The 4′ drift on the bbq

There is beauty behind it all but you have to look really really hard. I forced myself out the door for a walk and on the way back I grabbed a few good photos. They would have been much more colourful if the sun was shining but we can’t control the weather. Whining about it is a waste of time in my opinion. Much better to accept it and make the best of it. 

Love the colours here ; frozen in place .
The garden hedge still holds onto some colour!
Green plant hanging out under the snow !
Quite the drift on the hill; judge the size from the tub.
Looks like construction had ended for the year😔


Christmas Paradise ?

I can’t decide if I am rusty a writing from taking a small hiatus or if I am having trouble warming up to my subject matter with the risk of sounding ungrateful or ….? (the suitable word has escaped me but if you read the post and know it please let me know). Perhaps the word is ambiguous?
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