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Months of Madness

One might think that I was referring to the pandemic with that title. But actually for once it’s not at the front of my mind.

No it’s just that time of year again. The one where I go missing from this blog for long periods. This will be especially true this year and here is a run down of why. Read on and then stand in line to call me crazy.

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Tanka Try

I went down a complete WordPress rabbit hole the other day. One blog post and the comments sent to another blogger to another to another. I read for quite some time. I came across a “new to me” form of poetry. It is actually a centuries old Japanese non rhyme syllable based word play.


Time Rise

I love sunrises
Pastel swirls around the sky
Clouds unfurl downward
Time ticks along irregardless
Up to us to use wisely