Act of Remembrance

Back in the early 80’s Ron and I took the seabus from North Vancouver to downtown where we both worked. During this time period we read an entire documentary style series of books on the Second World War. I also read several fiction Second World War books like Winds of War by Herman Wouk. We have been to the Imperial War Museum on every trip we have done to London. I still get goosebumps when I think about standing at Vimy Ridge. Both our father’s were veterans and so we grew up knowing why Remembrance Day was so important.

I feel a deep desire to put pen to paper for war stories. Not the kind of war story that the TV shows and movies like to portray but rather the kind that the family tells. The reflections that occur because of loss and suffering. That isn’t all historical either as the current state of our veterans does not reflect well on society learning any big lessons.

The series has a wide range of topics from VC winners to the story of a current veteran.The only common denominator is that it’s an


Remembrance reflection  

Hugh Cairns VC

Our Family Veterans

Flanders Fields

Daily Act of Homage 

From Maidstone to Stalag VIIIB

“QX104” Remembers

Two Fronts

Scheduled Tour of Duty 

A Glimpse Inside 

Roy’s War Story

Ripple Effect of War

A Soldier’s War*

From Insomnia to the Somme

Remembrance Project 2018

Cenotaph Men

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