Throwback Thursday “ski style”

This seemed like a pretty obvious topic for Throwback Thursday when we were talking about ski styles, clothing and our history of skiing together. I’m not at home so can’t access any super old photos so that’s the only bummer. The one below is fairly recent although the only reason we know is because of the jacket colours. 

Today’s was inspired because someone got a new jacket.  Who knew you could do a selfie with 4 people and even manage to get jackets/people in it! 

Old school photos would show that one of us hasn’t changed their outerwear since the early 1980’s. He doesn’t plan on it anytime soon either. He’s instantly recognizable that’s for sure! His gear isn’t as old as the stuff below but someone in our crowd did have lace up ski boots a zillion years ago. We all recognize that type of binding. 

The thing that photos don’t show is how much fun we have or how the sport pushes us physically and mentally. It’s hard to ski as hard as we did in our teens and twenties. Maybe now we just ski smarter? Whatever. As the younger crowd says we had some sic pow today and I didn’t faceplant so it’s all good.


If I’d had any energy left I would have talked about the apple for lunch in the 70’s because all my money was spent on the lift ticket. Or the first time I skied with my future husband. Or the awesome family trips we had to the mountains. But I’m tired! 

Boiling Point 

I suspect that the question is rhetorical because what the boiling point in one might not be the same in another. We aren’t like water. 

The question is what sends us over the edge. Not the big stuff that desecrates hearts because that’s obvious. No the stuff on a little daily basis that builds up and finally combusts.  

How does the straw actually break the camel’s back (and why is that a saying?)? What is it about that ONE thing you’ve faced like a thousand times before that blows you out of the water. Where did the coping skills go that usually stand you in good stead? 

Is it cumulative like rain dripping into the water barrel? Or is it like the iceberg top? 

Intellectually I know that lack of sleep, dehydration, pain and stress can trigger a little tiny incident to become a huge big issue. 

There is a wide variety of spots where things can boil over. Things like deadlines, financial concerns, work expectations, social obligations, health issues and family dynamics. How could I forget technical issues. Like how computers supposed make our life easier but unless you provide them with basic maintenance perhaps they won’t work well. The list is long and won’t be the same for everyone. On some days we cope and on others we don’t. 

But after the boiling point is reached the range of impacts can be devastating. Getting things back to an even keel after can take a tremendous amount of mental energy. If that ever happens. Facing things is hard and takes resolution and commitment to ourselves. 

Life doesn’t come with a manual. Sometimes it seems bloody hard but you just keep walking. Trying your best to cope and make sense of the trials that come your way. Remembering the blessings that can be found hiding behind the clouds. 


I had this partially written on Friday which was St. Patrick’s Day. Hitting publish never happened but I’ve kept the Irish Proverb theme anyway.  

15 dog years equals old! 

Anyone who follows the blog knows that I dislike the wind. And yet 15 years ago we named our dog Breeze because it was a windy day. Go figure that out.

It was love at first sight. 

She’s been such a constant in our lives. Her enthusiasm  for the daily  walk has never wavered. The intensity that she brought to playing fetch in the water was crazy. She’d be shaking from exhaustion before she ever give up going back in. She was happy to be a city dog but happier to be a country dog. 

She’s stone deaf now and her sites Great but she can still tell when it’s suppertime. She has never quit pacing and worrying that we were going to forget to feed her. She can’t do stairs anymore but she can still walk 5K on the road and be happy the whole time. 

15 is kind of crazy old for a lab but she’s come through another winter. Her coats scraggly and she hates getting her feet cleaned but she still knows her people. Her quality-of-life is still very high. According to the vet she’s still pretty darn healthy although she is definitely getting a little bit confused on occasion or perhaps it’s just the site and hearing affecting her. I think she’s lasted so long because of the long daily walks. Got to run — she’s expecting her afternoon walk! 


Finish It Friday (on Tuesday)

Finishing work is only 10 % of most projects but takes 90% of the time. It’s easy to lose momentum and not get to those little details. 

I’m pleased to report that I have finally completed the main baby quilt. I had the piecing and quilting done before the baby was born a month ago today. It has taken me this long to get label completed. 

First I learnt a thing or two about monograms which my daughter taught me. Then I mastered my fancy machine and learnt to use the memory keys and played with different sizes and styles.  

                      A B C

                  Feb 7 2017 

BUT, although my test patch was perfect, my end result was ugly. Like really ugly. Like no pictures exists because I may have had tears in my eyes. Lots of skipped stitches. Retrospectively found out a few things I didn’t do. Meanwhile we painstakingly ripped it out. 

Then decided to go rustic. My daughter liked that I always put hearts in my free motion quilting so wanted a heart. That was overly easy compared to the satin stitch monogram. Loads of ripping out and going back a few stitches to start over. Then I tried French knots for the a and c which are little. Then I ripped that out and went back to satin stitches. Not super happy with the size variations as the B is supposed to read bigger and somehow that C ended up too big but Grampa said that Baby A won’t care. 

I used some “vintage” labels I found while cleaning out my sewing drawers. Circa 1992 when my daughter was small and I did lots of sewing for her. 

 It’s not perfect that’s for sure but it’s #madewithlove and now it’s finally complete! 


Not Such Fresh Trails 

I came home from work yesterday feeling totally depleted. It hasn’t been harder than any other day at work although that was preceded by a poor night of sleep. 

Then today I got the Facebook memory feed that said a year ago I posted a blog called Running on Empty (yeah me — first time I’ve done a link via my iPhone so hope it works). It’s was very interesting to me that I was feeling the same way a year ago. I had analyzed the why’s and the how’s too counteract it. 

Last year I seriously lacked moderation despite it being my key word for the year. By the end of the year I realized I do very little moderately and a lot of things full tilt.  

With this year’s three key words of  creativity, confidence and prosperity my challenge is to figure out why I am out is balance. 

I think perhaps it has more to do with the time of year than any particular activities. While the days are getting longer the cumulative lack of sunlight during work hours can hardly be balanced out at the end of the day. This always seems to be a low period for my exercise regimes as well and as I stated in last nights blog I’m feeling like a Butterball. I’ve a few items on my to do list that are weighing a bit heavy on me although I recently completed one of them. 

So it’s not really fresh trails or new adventures that are challenging me but rather some of the same issues that drag at my heels regularly. So I submit to myself that I need to use creativity, confidence and prosperity to as tools. 



I over ate. Again. And then again. And then even again. Like for the last four nights. I’m feeling a lot like the Pillbury dough boy. Seriously. Not a comfy feeling. 

Last night at a work supper, where I over ate if such delicious food, we were talking about basic human needs and the priorities. 

  • Oxygen 
  • Water 
  • Food 
  • Shelter
  • Sleep 

Sleep is listed last here but a colleague was saying that we can go without food a lot longer than we can last without sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. Who ever tortured anyone with food. But whoever thinks about sleep as a basic need and focuses on it? 

I’ve spoken before about how our society is so over indulgent which is true on three items in the above list. 

  • Huge houses (like I should talk hey!) 
  • Monster meals (again I’m like who me??)
  • Water in every form but just from the tap (finally one I don’t overindulge in). But heck I guess an oxygen bar is an overindulgence there as well.

But sleep — Who thinks hm 9 hours would be good tonight and goes to bed and sleeps that long. I work on my sleep hygiene but still insomnia nights and bad nights from restlessness are not uncommon. I try to stick to a schedule but don’t. I sleep through my alarm on work days and wake up easily on days off. Truly i’m my own worst enemy. Too much screen time and not enough down time. Only I can change that. 

So good night. Sleep tight. 


PS — I may also have consumed my weight in fresh chocolate chip cookies in the last 3 days 😔