How’s That Working?

Did you notice that no one can BS their way through anything anymore? Someone pulls out the phone and Wikipedia and Google sort out the details. So why do we trust them?

I have a friend (a regular blog reader) who dislikes texting because it’s so impersonal and hard to read nuances of meaning with just straight words. At least that is between two people who know each other.

Why the bloody hell are world politics being shaped by Twitter? Really? Who fact checks before they shout out their opinion? Seems anyone can say anything and start a significant spiral of events. Take that idiot south of our border; the one we should build a wall across so he can’t see us. Now Saudi Arabia is after us. I truly don’t understand why more thought isn’t put into these words that have power. My words in Twitter rarely get a response. The odd like button.

Talk about like buttons, “they” say that Facebook feeds you items based on your like buttons. Is it true or not true? I used to use my cell phone for it but have decided it just upped my devise usage so at the end of the day I spend a timed 15 mins on the computer. So I often miss news or is that just because Facebook has decided I’m not to see their stuff? It’s very true that you see the same 20 people’s updates regularly and others you rarely see unless you go looking. How many thousands of people work for Facebook and troll through each person and adjust whom we see and what advertisements reach us. I know it’ all about algorithms but it’s annoying.

It’s spooky how you can look something up on your lap top and then on your cell you get an advertisement for that item. It’s like we are constantly being tracked and monitored. Like our freedom to chose which friend we chat with is scrutinized.

I know two young woman who have signed out of Facebook but are still on Instagram. Owned by the same company but it’s seems vastly different. Funny hash tags. Pictures. You chose who you follow and you see their photos chronologically. The odd advertisement here and there but they are easy to ignore.

I know there are a ton of other social media sites out there. I see names but I have no concept at all what’s in, what’s cool and what’s hot; so to speak. I’m not sure I intend to find out.

In fact some days I feel like giving up on keeping up via social media. Now our staff scheduling is done via a closed group on Facebook and email. I usually see the stuff about 24 hours after it is pertinent as I don’t do emails on my phone. I look at Twitter if my power goes out so I can get the SPower update for my area.

I’m also at a crossroads when it comes to blogging because Facebook will no longer support my posting on the site with a direct link. I have stuck up my blog addresses there and suggested that following the blog site would be the easiest way to know if I post. It’s no doubt I will have a lot less readers without an easy link to follow. Which has lead me to examine many aspects of blogging for the last two weeks.

It has lead me to examine why I write and who I wrote for. I love words, I love writing what flows through my brain onto the screen. I love connecting with my readers through my words. I love leaving my “mark” via my thoughts.

I have a few regulars who leave comments and check in regularly. That’s working for me. Turns out those followers will read my words. The rest of the rest of the World Wide Web will perhaps see them occasionally. So be it.


The “Sign”

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Weekend at Bernie’s

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Pot Luck Party

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Not on the list

Very few of my activities today were pre planned and on the to do list; least of all hitching a ride with a stranger.

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