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Telegram Delivery

New challenge telegram post can still send telegrams worldwide next day service who knew

Good “old” internet answers to the questions

Brevity not strong suit 10 words maximum impact not for me

Plus I really miss punctuation. I wanted to add stop after each sentence but see inset above about why that’s not necessary.

It’s it kind of crazy to think about the fact that even 40 years ago these were common place. Turns out they aren’t extinct like the dinosaur but my reading revealed that they are used now if you want a recieved signature for an important document. Next day service in a world where people lose their minds if they can’t get same day delivery of anything they order on line.

I had thought about telegrams on our anniversary. I was writing Muddied Waters and was looking through our wedding album when I came across the two below that we received.

Then today I was reading a post over at The Spectacled Bean found here at Let’s write friendlier blog posts. She’d found an old 1945 book about how to write a letter and the conversations via comments that ensued made me want to give this a try. Anyone else have a telegram story to share?

Perhaps a post card is more my style. Ah that might just be another post and a trip down memory lane ?