Day 11 Gifts from the Heart

Today was reminiscent, to me, of our old gift exchange at work that always happened at our Christmas potluck lunch.

Last night I pushed myself for some creative time and made 6 items; poppycock, drink coasters, magic bags for aches and pains or a cold bed. It was very nice to let these colleagues that their struggles are noticed and that I care.

It’s quite obvious that my fellow author of the calendar did not leave her gift making until the last minute like I did. Her works of art are a serious commitment of time and talent. Trust me I tried this with her and mine didn’t look like this at all. I am sure her coworkers were thrilled to receive these gorgeous gifts.

I’m lucky to have one of these alcohol ink tiles in our dining room; a Janice (rhymes with Denise) original. i would say even more blessed to call her friend.


Late breaking update — I’ve got a little something pulled together for a group of colleagues who go the extra mile at Christmas time and become a stellar band for our party. With a little help from a generous friend we’ve baked them up a treat pack for their last practise. Gifts from the heart just give me warm fuzzies!

Day 8 Goes Downhill

You could say that today’s activity went straight down hill but the engineer would argue that we also went up hill.

For today’s activity was to enjoy an outdoor activity. So we bundled up because at -21 (-29 windchill) that was necessary but it’s a lot of work with a little one!

Grampa got the GT slider out and sat on it with her. Instant tears that didn’t stop until the end. So then I took her for a shorter ride with the same results. She declined a third ride in favour of going to see the kitties.

A lovely little visit with the cats where Little A made appropriate sounds and tried to hug them. Then we decided we would do a quick walk to at least feel like all the clothes were worth the effort.She heard the cows but they were too far away to see. We played on the big rock for a few seconds and then we tromped back inside. It wasn’t a stellar win but we got some fresh air.

I’m know that once Little A is back home there will be a walk or a snow shoe around the big pond and around the trees and fences. The sunshine, blue skies and remaining frost make it so enticing that the temp doesn’t matter much to me.


Ps I wrote this while the wee one vehicle napped and we waited for momma. We had a fabulous time Christmas shopping, she’s a model little tyke who doesn’t complain and stands still when asked. It helped me be a better shopper and not be so impatient!

Day 7 The Best Kind of Over

There was a small amount of trepidation with today’s task for the “In Gratitude of Kindess” advent calendar. It seemed like an easy enough task but there was the possibility of one big glitch. The beginning and the end of the task easy, fulfilling and busy. The middle part, which is crucial, was what was Continue reading