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Home (1)

This is a fictional story; brought about by my wondering what you would do if you had no where to come home to even though Canada was home. It’s been brewing in my head since March. She’s changed her name and her job a few times since my original idea but the conflict she faced stayed the same. But she was always tall just because I could make her so!

It is my third attempt at fiction (two very short stories in the last couple of years). I struggle with thought and conversation (on paper not in real life) and while I think the character and the circumstances seem real enough I don’t know if her “conflict” qualifies as conflict. I would truly appreciate honest feedback from my wonderful readers.


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Photo Challenge Day Vijf

Thanks to blogger friend Allan over @ photoblography3 and a new reader Marie @ hopsskipsandjumps for this #10day10photo challenge.

The travel challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day – That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, 10 nominations (doubt I can do that as I don’t really have 10 bloggers in my life that would be interested so think I will just tag 1 on my final day) and 0 explanations about the post.

I have included the info about yesterday’s location at the bottom of todays’ post with a bit of a story and have done this on the other posts as well. Although doing the kindness advent activity daily blog at the same time means I am spending way too much time on WordPress and my phone.


DAY VIER (German)

I could definitely have made that one easier! It’s near the most recognizable castle around, made famous by Walt Disney, but really known as Neuschwanstein. Now as I said I did not make it easy because this is not that castle but another lesser known one (Hohenschwangau Castle) nearer to the Alpsee Lake . The entire area, literally just north of the Austrian border, was like this picture perfect postcard. I so want to return to this area and ski in winter from one country to another. I am not sure we will ever afford to do it but at least I can say we drove through the Alps after we stopped here.