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It’s back

The end of May brought a serious change. I turned up the June calender and there are lots of activities scheduled. That seems so weird because other than my work it’s been empty for so long. Sports are now allowed here and so my other half resumed his soccer life. There are also meetings, vaccine dates (!) and a doctor’s appointment. Just like that it’s all back.

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Friday’s Finest

Pizza night usually equals Friday night family & friends time. The kitchen is full of noise, toppings and hands reaching for this and that. The beer flows and, if we are lucky, supper is eaten on the patio.

That kind of night seems like a very old memory. I know, I know, it’s only been 14 months. Life will resume but it won’t be this summer. So I decided I needed to lighten my mood and post something that isn’t introspect and morose depressing grumpy. It falls in line with a new fun blogging challenge called “what’s on your plate”. No categories and no real rules; just bloggers connecting during this eat alone at home time.

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