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Heavens to Betsies

In the sweetest little boy voice he says “heavens to betsies“. I do not recall the context but it makes me smile each time he says it.  Interestingly enough he’s used this phrase several times but I have no idea where he picked it up. His big sister’s favourite right now is “that’s so weird” when something seems off or mystifying.

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#Sundaystills meets the 12 Festive BonBon’s

For several years I posted daily in December. My friend and I do an Kindness Advent Calendar and the posts tied into the activities. It was, I felt at the time, a chance to connect with readers and encourage them to see the season in a Kindness frame. It was fairly taxing pulling together a post every day along with the activities so this year I am switching things up. I am still committed to the Kindness Advent Calendar but I am attempting a multi blog challenge here with this one post that will cover “all bases”.

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