2018 Advent Activities

I decided it would be nice to have a quick easy reference to all the posts that had to do with the advent calendar that my friend, Janice, and I created.


We have been kept busy with the actions but it has been very rewarding as well. We had envisioned a visit as we brainstormed ideas but that wasn’t quite how it worked out! Here is the post about planning the Advent Calendar Preview.

Even before we got home from our short winter holiday it was activity time. My first one didn’t turn out as planned at all! The Sheer Irony of Day 1. Then it was a flurry of activity for the next week;

Day 2 (A)waits

Day 3 of Giving & Receiving

Day 4 – Outside the Box

ET call home

Day 6 “Wrapped Up”

Our focus of family and friends on the weekends made for a change of pace and pure joy for the gramma’s (us): Day 7 The Best Kind of Over. Not quite as smooth sailing with Day 8 Goes Downhill but then the pot was overflowing during the Day Nine Blessings.

The next week brought more charitable actions:

Day 10 – Life Saving Liquid

Day What?

Day 11 Gifts from the Heart

Day 13 – Food for Thought

Chat up Dec 14

Another week of giving and sharing our blessing completed so time to find some more family focus time with the world’s little ‘Nowman 15 !  No snow was injured the day while we prepared for Day 16 Tasty Times. Such a good time was had by all and the food turned out stellar even if we do say so ourselves.

Onward back to work and my only real task fail other than that lemon loaf on day 1. I found it hard to smile at every last person I saw at work as you can see in Day 17 – Smile On. 

The next task was significantly easier and social media helped me deposit the items in Booked it ‘18 just where they needed to go. Boy did I get a big smile there! The next title makes you read to find out what occurred on Day 19.

The joy of the season descends in the following posts 20 With Love, Side by side 21/22 and then 100% On 23. I threw in an extra post with the cute Late Entry You would think the season would conclude with Not your usual 2 4 and Wrap Up 25. BUT it doesn’t as there are two special posts that have to do with gifts from the heart filed here under Santa’s (aka grampa’s) Workshop and Nan’s Workshop.

Then to conclude the series I asked coauthor, Janice, to write up how the calendar activities impacted her life and heart. She has a way with words and you can read it here at Advent advantages.



We totally enjoyed how these activities gave us a focus of paying forward during the holiday season. We know several people followed along and would always welcome more with a personalized calendar next year again.