Illusive Sleep

I thought I would tie together all the posts that relate to that demon insomnia. It seems that the new reports out about how insomnia is rampant rings true with so many people. I realized that when so many people reached out to me when I posted Just Can’t Find it.

That is certainly not the first time I have written about the invasive pervasive deadly night time visitor. It’s back talks about how I think I have escaped the cycle and then it comes sauntering in the door at midnight, pissing me off. In fact I think I have several posts all along those lines like It Strikes Again and A Thorn in my Side. or just Again 

Occasionally insomnia is easier to recover from than other times like when the Little is here such as what happened at Day 7 The Best Kind of Over .Shortly after I semi retired I had an Eeire Silence of a New Era; partially insomnia and partially head space related but it’s way easier to handle when you aren’t putting in a full work day that’s for sure. The opposite end of that spectrum is the post called Forget It.

Sometimes, even though I know I shouldn’t, I use the insomnia time to do productive things on the computer. One night I did a blog post called From Insomnia to the Somme. One night my internet surfing lead to a good outcome as you can read about in Unfolding which then could link over to the Haiti Mission page; where I suffered from insomnia and blogged late at night when the internet was the best.

Occasionally I just do a squirrel thing while having insomnia such as in 60 Pluses or I might use it to do good work like with Humble & Kind.

I have more blogs about insomnia – it’s crazy how many times it plays into my writing. Which is ironic as I told a friend the other day I didn’t like to talk about insomnia when I was in a good patch and sleeping well and here I am writing about it! I sure hope I didn’t just jinx tonight!


I tried something new and I talk about it here in the Music to my ears post. It hasn’t been perfect but it has certainly helped this 15 year trend start to re balance the other way.

SEPT 2020

This year will be remembered for many reasons but for me one of the biggest personal changes is that I started sleeping again. It’s amazing; you go to bed and go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Seems so simple and yet it was so illusive for so many years. I truly appreciate it and when the odd bit of insomnia creeps in (usually caused by pain to begin with) I feel so fortunate that it is only an occasional issue now. Those tiny little patches in my ear (seen below) and the 4 sessions with the acupuncturist have been life changing!