Illusive Sleep

I thought I would tie together all the posts that relate to that demon insomnia. It seems that the new reports out about how insomnia is rampant rings true with so many people. I realized that when so many people reached out to me when I posted Just Can’t Find it.

That is certainly not the first time I have written about the invasive pervasive deadly night time visitor. It’s back talks about how I think I have escaped the cycle and then it comes sauntering in the door at midnight, pissing me off. In fact I think I have several posts all along those lines like It Strikes Again and A Thorn in my Side. or just Again 

Occasionally insomnia is easier to recover from than other times like when the Little is here such as what happened at Day 7 The Best Kind of Over .Shortly after I semi retired I had an Eeire Silence of a New Era; partially insomnia and partially head space related but it’s way easier to handle when you aren’t putting in a full work day that’s for sure. The opposite end of that spectrum is the post called Forget It.

Sometimes, even though I know I shouldn’t, I use the insomnia time to do productive things on the computer. One night I did a blog post called From Insomnia to the Somme. One night my internet surfing lead to a good outcome as you can read about in Unfolding which then could link over to the Haiti Mission page; where I suffered from insomnia and blogged late at night when the internet was the best.

Occasionally I just do a squirrel thing while having insomnia such as in 60 Plusesor I might use it to do good work like with Humble & Kind.

I have more blogs about insomnia – it’s crazy how many times it plays into my writing. Which is ironic as I told a friend the other day I didn’t like to talk about insomnia when I was in a good patch and sleeping well and here I am writing about it! I sure hope I didn’t just jinx tonight!