Definitely Not 

I am most definitely not having a staycation. By it’s very definition it doesn’t describe what I’ve done in my week “off”.

This first week off is always spent balancing between full on construction work (more on that later in the other blog)  and gardening. The peas, beans and raspberries are all ready so I’m squeezing in picking and processing around loads of mortar mixed and rocks set. Add some laundry, house cleaning (well only a tiny tiny tiny little bit of that to be honest) and some financial catch up and hat has filled almost every moment of my first 7 days off.

Obviously I have yet to weed the garden!

I did make time to go to Lathey Pool with my baby and her baby. Outdoor swimming, followed by an ice cream   sundae at the 8th street DQ, was a summer tradition for well over a decade at our house. My friend discovered Spencer’s first tooth at George Ward Pool. Alyssa’s first set of swimming lessons was at Lathey pool — apparently it looks a lot smaller as an adult than as a child! We had a lovely time introducing Baby A to swimming. She likes it a lot better than the tub apparently. 

Soccer and biking (last official ride of the season) have both put in an appearance this week and a couple of evenings by the fire pit were lovely. But no other staycation type activities as it always seems like there is a lot of work to catch up on. 

BUT before you give me the gears about not slowing down to smell the roses know that a)I love time in the garden and the kitchen, b)time spent at home, to me, is quality time cause I’m pretty darn lucky with where I live and c)we have something else planned for next week and d)I find beauty where I look. 

So stay tuned for the big reveal on The Home Page of 1918 Eaton’s Eager Blog . Exciting times!!


Canada 150 Park Pass – Take 3

I promise you we weren’t rowdy and we were law-abiding (more on that later in a different post). It turns out you don’t even really need a Parks Canada pass to enjoy the beauty of this setting.

I strongly suspect that the local population rarely remember how Continue reading

Just when you thought you’d seen it all! 

Seriously just when you thought you’d seen as far as the mind (not mine) could go something tops it. Then something else jumps out and grabs your attention. Before you know it the list of weird things is longer than the list of classics.  Continue reading

Christmas Paradise ?

I can’t decide if I am rusty a writing from taking a small hiatus or if I am having trouble warming up to my subject matter with the risk of sounding ungrateful or ….? (the suitable word has escaped me but if you read the post and know it please let me know). Perhaps the word is ambiguous?
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There are many levels of contrasts; some apparent and some more obtuse, in this entry.  I will leave it up to the reader to determine what they will but at the end of the photos I will share my thoughts.   





The obvious contrast is that my usual photos are prairie based but we were in the mountains this weekend. The other obvious is that most of my photos are sunset, sunrise or sunny day photos. Let’s just say that the weather didn’t cooperate so these photos are of a dull dreary but not rainy day. The blatant obvious fact is  that we played all weekend and didn’t work.

Each series of 3 photos also represents the big picture, the path and the details. Would I have enjoyed the big picture more if I had taken less photos. The answer is no because it was a gnarly path, in the true sense of the word, and one had to stop walking to appreciate the view. The path pictures show the conditions under which we hiked. Those tiny minut orange mushrooms would not have been readily descernable if I had marched along at full speed. 

So draw from that what you will. I enjoyed all three aspects equally and now take pleasure in sharing these photos and my thoughts with you. 

As an aside there was a fabulous lodge restaurant that served good cold beer and intensely favoured food. Sometimes on the path we need to take to take time to nourish our bodies, souls and relationships.