Scotland & England 2019

A theme emerges at the airport while wearing my fav boots so here we go.

These Boots Step 1

A Bracing Walk

We walked in their steps

Medieval Steps

Ancient Steps

The Steps from our Past

Now off to Scotland we go

Through the Drinking Glass

Off to the Isles we go

Boots on Board

Switched up the cute little red boots for the sturdy Salomon hikers.

Sturdy Steps

Stepped Right Up

Easy Step Day

Steps to a Vista


The Skye Boat

A Total Surprise

Stroll on Storr

The Legend

Iconic Image

Back to mainland Scotland; biking, hiking, beer, whiskey, sticky toffee pudding and points of interest

From boots to bikes

Quiet Steps

Quick Step by the #’s

A Local Encounter

Mixed Bag of Steps

Lost in stride

Our New BFF

Family research happens in the Liverpool area; special thanks to our friends for helping with that.

Tiny Research Steps

Back to the south of  England for more visiting, castles, hiking and drinking beer.

Family Steps

Traffic Stops/Steps

Walking to The Shoe

Arundel – Medieval Boots

The trip home. It seemed like a lot of blog posts at the time but now not so much

Tired Boots

Glass Breaks & Other Lessons

The final installment will be the Scotch blogs about the 15 distilleries we visited and the other 6 we saw and here at long last they are! It was a tough slug at times as I wanted as much information in these posts as possible so that we would remember the details.  I broke into into three sections: Islay, Speyside and others. The final one was a lone English distillery that we happened upon. It sort of made up for the mishap at the last Scottish Distillery.

The Smokey Drams

A Wee Dram (or two)

Other Drams