Nine Minutes Flat

So here is yesterday’s post today. Seems yesterday become some rather random other stuff Zzzzzz. This is what I was actually working on when I hit publish. 

My best time is 9 minutes flat, my longest about 30. Now that’s not Formula One pit change speed but not bad for a middle aged woman alone. 

Now that best time has to be put into context plus perhaps the subject! The jack and tire were still out from the flat 5 days before. I might add that a guy sat in his vehicle waiting for someone and watched me the whole time. Whatevs as the kids say. 

My worst time was probably this past winter when it was like -35 and I had the new truck. I couldn’t get the handle in to let the tire down and had to call my son in law for help, which I might add, he gave very graciously and didn’t make me feel like a wimp. 

I’ve had a few awkward tire change situations. A Suburban full of meat and the spare tire accessible only if I moved most of it. Two dogs in the back of the station wagon and it happens on the freeway. 

The longest tire change was the old farm truck on a gravel road in the middle of no where in the rain. Only one very unquiet vehicle went by. He didn’t stop the first time but the second time he did and asked if I needed help. I wasn’t all that polite when I told him I was finished now but if he’d bothered to stop the first time help would have been nice. Whatevs. 

My dad taught me to change a tire and expected me to attend to it myself. Remember the context there as well though. Cell phones hadn’t been invented and I was a farm kid who drove back roads to get places. So it was walk for help or do it yourself. 95% of the time I’ve done it myself. Once i was even attired in a long dress! 

In case you don’t know how I included a How to Video. You never know. Driving on the rim isn’t an option and sitting there all night in an area with no cell coverage could happen to you. It’s pretty easy even if they do the lug nuts up tight. You just put the tire wrench horizontal, hang onto the roof and stand on it till it gives. Easy peasey especially if you get lots of practise like me seems I am a flat tire magnet. 


June Beauty

I’m very fond of January which isn’t a statement most people make but perhaps June is my favorite. I’m all about the sunlight and June just can’t be topped for that. It’s like the light goes on and on and on! I’m like a school age child and never want to go to bed because it is still light out. 

These next two are from a walk that we finished after 10 one evening this week. The moon has been stellar this week, the twilight lingers on and on and then the morning sun starts peeking out so early. 

The plus to all that sun is that everything is growing like crazy! We could certainly use some serious rain but even so it’s all very green except for the trees. They are just plain ugly. Fortunately the worst of the caterpillars seems to be over. 

But the flowers and plants are a looking worth a few photos. I’m not sure what a couple of them are but the colours and textures are wonderful! The last one has only been growing for a few months but we will enjoy watching this little beauty pop up. 



Ten Twisted to Twelve 

A year ago I wrote a A Twist of Ten  and reflecting back on it makes me add a couple more to make the number a twisted twelve.

  • 11. Live within your means as you never know when your job status might change. Trust me on this. Give your best but don’t give them everything.
  • 12. Really appreciate life as its fleeting; many are taken far too young. Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Perfect is an illusion.

Hug lots, laugh a lot, reach out and touch those you care about and for your body’s sake keep moving.