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My good news

It seems like a perfect day for some good news. In the bigger picture around the world there isn’t a lot of that in supply these days. More on that later as right now I’ve reached a milestone well worth blogging about.

After a mere 22 months my concept become a reality. All three tables are complete! I am so excited about how well they turned out. They were a big challenge for my wood working skills for sure. Inspired by my vision and supported by the real finish carpenter I pushed myself hard and definitely increased my saw skills. I can definitely say I’m not a fan of the planer and have to I’ve kudos to my other half who did the last table for me. I learnt how to use the Kreg guide and it reminded me of orthopaedic specialized drill guide. I probably spent more time overall on the project scrapping, sanding, staining, painting (what was I thinking painting those let indents) and varnishing than anything else and that’s old hat but it has a huge impact on how it looks. They are “new” tables but all the components are salvage from various spots. The only items that had a cash value were the legs. They came via my favourite antique place outside of Davidson (incidentally the same rural area our house came from), she said they came from a store in Moose Jaw.

We had help building the last one. She distributed the lag bolts with washers, the screws and the nails. She fetched the wrench, the drill and the hammer. All good items for her to learn about. She also demonstrated patience when she had to wait for Nan to be free to give her glue. She worked on glueing felt and fabric pieces together while we glued, screwed and nailed the last one together.

Which I guess is a good seque into working together, having patience and being supportive. All traits that we’ve demonstrated on this project. These are all important items in the face of the world wide pandemic. Look for ways to support others while keeping to the social distancing necessary. There are apparently social media spots springing for such things as delivery of groceries to someone on self isolation. I think the biggest way we can help is by reaching out to others in support. A reminder that a virtual shoulder isn’t far away.

If you are reading this and need  something please let me know. I doubt I can buy you any toilet paper but we probably have a few spare rolls from our last purchase a few months ago that we can spare😏.

Stay together my friends while we stand apart in this Covid 19 crisis.