Family “Secret”

I suspect it seems odd that I’d be willing to talk about a family secret. No one remembers where it originated from but everyone enjoys it so obviously it’s not a sinister thing like you were all thinking. 

My Nanna used to make something called raspberry vinegar and luckily passed the recipe to our mothers and they passed it on to us. I’m happy to say, that for my part, my kids love it and I’m sure they will continue to make it.

It’s certainly not mainstream because googling it brings up raspberry vinaigrette which I made last year and is a totally different story. This is a drink that is slightly sour and slightly sweet which doesn’t even make sense.

Neither does what the magazine Country Woman did to it. Several years ago my sister, who had a subscription, submitted the recipe. They changed it up so much that it was not even recognizable as the same drink. I wrote them a follow-up and let them know how disappointed we were in what they had done to such a fabulous drink. I don’t think they ever corrected it. I do understand what they were trying to do as it is a very time intensive process. It’s not labour intensive just timely.

Basically you take a pail of raspberries, add vinegar and water. Let set x 24 hours, hang to extract juice x 12 hours. Add sugar, boil and pour into hot jars. 

Then when you need some liquid sunshine from the garden add three parts water to one part concentrate. Enjoy! 


PS – so if you are lucky enough to have some raspberries and need specifics about quantities leave me a comment (which gives me your email) and I will probably share our family secret. ūüėČ

PPS — if you ever find a jelly bag in a store please let me know who carries them. Illusively hard to find but so much easier than cheesecloth 

Canada 150 Park Pass – Take 3

I promise you we weren’t rowdy and we were law-abiding (more on that later in a different post). It turns out you don’t even really need a Parks Canada pass to enjoy the beauty of this setting.

I strongly suspect that the local population rarely remember how Continue reading

Canada 150 Park Pass — Take 1¬†

Well it was a bit of a bust as far as the Parks Canada Pass goes because the site of Motherwell Homestead wasn’t open. Turns out we are slightly out of season and the gates were locked which was very disappointing as I’ve wanted to see this place for quite some time. The barn was barely visible from the road but also looks outstanding. It would appear that Parks Canada could use more funding as the paint on the house is decidedly worse for wear. 

Undaunted we did some back county exploring. We stopped at a cemetery near Abernathy plus a school and church on one site. These two buildings still see some use and are in fabulous condition. 

 Our friend knows that we love old houses and stones so the next stop has both but perhaps only for a while longer. It’s in pretty bad shape and apparently hasn’t been lived in or loved for a long time. Its obvious tbough that it was built with a lot of care and attention to detail. We loved the stone placement and those front circular windows. It would have back been a beauty in its day but as it stands it’s amazing that the chimney is still there. Totally looks like the wind could toss it off. 

It was an enjoyable afternoon despite the amount of birds swirling around the old buildings and the ticks climbing around us.