Snuck Up On

It’s hard to believe that such a milestone could have snuck up on “us”. A casual last minute remark triggered that “it” was upon us.

img_1792-1Let me set the stage. It’s a long story and there is no Continue reading

A Year to Leap

This really spoke to me. This time of reinvention. This decluttering of the full time work world. This making more time for Continue reading

I solemnly swear

I solemnly swear that I am up to Continue reading

Top Dog 2018

I am a list maker, dedicated to the art of a nice clean list. I always have lists on the go for various aspects of my life. I have decided that I would do my Continue reading

Advent advantages

This is a guest post by my coauthor of the Christmas advent calendar. Her annual Christmas letter is always a Continue reading

Not your usual 2 4

I didn’t manage to do 24 of today’s activity but I did several. It was easy to do but hard to blog as it’s not something that lends itself to photos or decent written stories.

Today I Continue reading