Ten Twisted to Twelve 

A year ago I wrote a A Twist of Ten  and reflecting back on it makes me add a couple more to make the number a twisted twelve.

  • 11. Live within your means as you never know when your job status might change. Trust me on this. Give your best but don’t give them everything.
  • 12. Really appreciate life as its fleeting; many are taken far too young. Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Perfect is an illusion.

Hug lots, laugh a lot, reach out and touch those you care about and for your body’s sake keep moving.


Moss on the Tree 

The last two blog titles were song lyrics and I thought about writing a blog post about music. To those that know me well this will be met with skepticism about why I would do that. I have thought in the past about doing just that but tonight I only bring it up because I was trying to find the lyrics to a song that would match my entry and could be used as a title but alas my hour long search didn’t reveal the perfect words so the title is a tad obtuse.

The highlight of my summers as I was growing up was going to Continue reading