I over ate. Again. And then again. And then even again. Like for the last four nights. I’m feeling a lot like the Pillbury dough boy. Seriously. Not a comfy feeling. 

Last night at a work supper, where I over ate if such delicious food, we were talking about basic human needs and the priorities. 

  • Oxygen 
  • Water 
  • Food 
  • Shelter
  • Sleep 

Sleep is listed last here but a colleague was saying that we can go without food a lot longer than we can last without sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture. Who ever tortured anyone with food. But whoever thinks about sleep as a basic need and focuses on it? 

I’ve spoken before about how our society is so over indulgent which is true on three items in the above list. 

  • Huge houses (like I should talk hey!) 
  • Monster meals (again I’m like who me??)
  • Water in every form but just from the tap (finally one I don’t overindulge in). But heck I guess an oxygen bar is an overindulgence there as well.

But sleep — Who thinks hm 9 hours would be good tonight and goes to bed and sleeps that long. I work on my sleep hygiene but still insomnia nights and bad nights from restlessness are not uncommon. I try to stick to a schedule but don’t. I sleep through my alarm on work days and wake up easily on days off. Truly i’m my own worst enemy. Too much screen time and not enough down time. Only I can change that. 

So good night. Sleep tight. 


PS — I may also have consumed my weight in fresh chocolate chip cookies in the last 3 days 😔


I had a request from my son for a special birthday cake. I was so pumped it wasn’t an angel food cake (see previous posts about how much I dislike making, icing and eating this “cake”) that I instantly said yes to the challenge.

He wanted a piecaken. Never heard of it?  You know the turkey stuffed with the duck stuffed with the chicken. I think it was created by the same crazy person who invented turducken. It could also have been invented by someone who just couldn’t decide if pie or cake was their favourite for dessert. Obviously we live in a world of over indulgence.

So the flavours chosen were raspberry and chocolate. Works for me as I have lots of garden raspberries and make a killer chocolate cake. I did do a little bit of internet research about creating one of these. Retrospectively not enough! 

We made a small pie it had to fit into the 9″ springform with space along the sides. It cooked up well and the parchment paper meant it was going to slide into the cake easily.

Chocolate cake is like one on my signature dishes. So the next part of making the cake is easy. Until you get to the part where you marry them together. There are no photos of the actual process because all hands were kind of busy.

So that was the tough part right? Now to pop it in the oven, pull it out and ice it. Or so it seemed. But if you have ever cooked a cake you know it can be tricky to get it cooked perfectly. If you over bake it then it’s dry, too little and it will fall and be gooey. So I checked it several times in assorted places. All seemed to be cooked so I left it too cool in the oven. The hash tag on Instagram was #whatcouldgowrong. Ah yes well…

It was interesting to note that the middle and outside were cooked and the ring of the pastry was gooey. Hm. Not good. We cut the top off, patched the hole with cake from the top and put on the ganache toping. The theory we worked off of — we’ve all eaten raw cake batter off the spoon.

The verdict was that it tasted good but more work is required to get it perfected. I suspect strongly that my next dessert club offering will be a piecaken. More research is a prerequisite to the next attempt though. If you’ve successfully made a piecaken please share your tips with me. If you want to come for left overs of this one let me know!


Square peg round hole

Square peg  round hole. That is an apt description of me and a certain beverage. Although I suspect others could fill in different items for me where I don’t fit the “norm”.

I read this article about the Coffee cup and my friend Deirdre keeps blogging about coffee and tea here @ 

She recently spent time working in Ethiopia and was immersed in coffee. Which seems appropriate considering the country stands in 5th place for exporting the beans. 

Never mind that this is a cream picture in a coffee post. I couldn’t find my way to the beginning of Deidre’s trip to Ethiopia on my phone. Well she went by plane not by phone! But I have no internet at home (which sounds like her life in Ethiopia)and so can’t find my way back to the beginning to do the photo Of how they do this coffee ceremony. So in the interest of actually hitting publish I just cheated with a different photo she posted of cream for coffee. But I digress again! 

This prompted me, much earlier in the day, to look up some statistics about this beverage that, to me, smells gross. Who knew that there was a Coffee Association of Canada and that they have annual meetings? Not me for one. 


I actually thought that the number of cups consumed out of home would be way higher than 29%. Like when was the last time you drove by a Tim’s that didn’t have a car line up. Or like the local hospital Starbucks where there is always a line up. And no I’m not exaggerating. Day in day out.

But it seems like coffee isn’t quite coffee anymore. I owed a young colleague for covering my call so I could go out for supper with our daughter on her birthday. So I bought her a coffee. Grande, extra hot blonde roast Misto; two pumps white mocha syrup, with whip cream and caramel drizzle to top. I kid you not. Like I had to write it down to get it straight. Interesting that it wasn’t super expensive though apparently because this  Misto is cheaper than espresso and almost as much caffeine. Or something like that. 

Around the world coffee is consumed in frightening amounts and in various strengths. Ask an Auzzie about Canadian coffee or a European about American coffee. Did you know it sits second on the world trade stage after oil? Over half a trillion cups per year. Holy crap that’s a lot of money for something that smells bad. Plus time spent in line ups. 

Makes me darn glad my favourite beverage is water; straight from the tap. Cold preferably but not ice. Not that anyone ever takes your water order though. 

I’ve actually bribed my adult daughter to come visit me at work. You see she was a broke student and there is that Starbucks here. She consented to a picture on her last first day of school ever because I bought her a coffee. Not just any coffee but some fence vanilla something or other. Heck if I can remember. I’ve been marrried for 35 years and I can’t tell you if he takes cream, sugar or both in his coffee. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t share my personal memories of coffee. Old school perking on the stove in the morning along side the fried eggs. Instant nausea. Add to that the smell gives me a headache and I had never tried coffee. I made it through all those years of nursing school and working nights without a cup of it crossing my lips. 

Fast forward many many years. We’re in the middle of the demolition phase of restoring our old house. It’s hot as hell out and I’m pulling out insulation out of the attic. For someone who rarely sweats it was pouring off of me.  We had hired our friends teenage son to help along with our son. It was ugly work; add to that we had no running water so refreshment came from a thermos. After several hours that doesn’t seem very fresh. So when our friends showed up with iced Capps (I got a chocolate one for your Bernie, you’ll never know it has coffee. So said my friend Greg) I thought yes something wet and cold. I figured I could handle it. Well not so much. By the time it hit my stomach I thought I’m going to puke. By the time I thought that I had a full on insanely intense headache. And no it wasn’t a brain freeze headache — I’ve had a couple of slurries so I do know what that is. It was my bodies reaction to coffee. 

Square peg round hole. All the more for you coffee drinkers.