Haiti Mission

I spent several months preparing for a journey unlike any I had ever been on. An opportunity to pull together for a medical mission in Haiti. I blogged pre and post trip along with every day while we were away. I find writing helps me reflect and absorb plus it was an awesome way to record how it fel t to be in the moment.

I’ve pulled all the posts here onto one page so that it’s easy to follow the journey.

The first posts are about the history of my journey onto the team, our fundraising and the  effort it took to get there, physically and mentally.

Building Momentum 

Intuition & Skill Set Pathways

Haiti update 

We Can’t Imagine 

A Thorn in my Side

The next posts are about the time spent in a third world medical compound, hoping to truly make a difference. 8 months later I still wonder at the impact. Yes we helped those 42 patients but we didn’t change anything. I found it hard to not “fix” the system but hell the system in Canada needs help, albeit in different ways.

Organized Chaos


Down Time Day

Behind the Closed Door

Cultural Norm

And Then We …

Project Stitches

Road Block

Safe & Sound with Stories

The final entry is my “debriefing”. About how difficult it is to describe the experience, how the emotions almost seem to be oxymoronic (is that really a word)in nature.

There Isn’t One Word 
The Saskatoon Team Broken Earth is returning in a few days. I won’t be on the plane; for several reasons. I applaud their efforts. Perhaps some day in my future I’ll find another opportunity to pay it forward with medical skills.