Just when you thought you’d seen it all! 

Seriously just when you thought you’d seen as far as the mind (not mine) could go something tops it. Then something else jumps out and grabs your attention. Before you know it the list of weird things is longer than the list of classics.  Continue reading


Today I met up with a fellow blogger and it was wonderful. Now I actually know her in real life but feel a closer connection because of our shared blog readings. At this stage in her career I would be a distant memory, pleasant but faded. She would be one of a string of younger colleagues I help mentor along the way. 

But because we write we connect. I’ve never met her family which seems strange to her and I. She’s met my husband but he feels like he knows her better than two or three casual suppers calls for. 

It’s a connection that I’m thrilled to have. She challenges me to think globally and to reach out of my own easy space. Perhaps I provide her with a bit of easy nostalgic reading about life on the safer side. We hug lots which is kind of funny because she was so not on the hugging team! 
Today we hugged, talked, laughed and walked. Then we parted for a few months but she’ll be back because of what this photo shows. 

In the meantime we’ll both keep writing and reading; sharing both the inner and the outer shells. Lucky us to have this connection. Silly us to have forgotten, again, to take a picture while we were together. 


Ten Twisted to Twelve 

A year ago I wrote a A Twist of Ten  and reflecting back on it makes me add a couple more to make the number a twisted twelve.

  • 11. Live within your means as you never know when your job status might change. Trust me on this. Give your best but don’t give them everything.
  • 12. Really appreciate life as its fleeting; many are taken far too young. Don’t wait for things to be perfect. Perfect is an illusion.

Hug lots, laugh a lot, reach out and touch those you care about and for your body’s sake keep moving.