Parks Canada 150

I’m so excited to have a spot to showcase the wonderful country I call home. The Government of Canada along with Parks Canada has given us free entrance into all our National Parks this year. I signed us up early but there is no way, short of retiring and traveling extensively, that we could hit them all.

A friend of ours was in Nova Scotia and PEI for a professional conference. She kept texting me pictures of old houses, National Parks and so many cool things they were seeing. Then a work friend went to a National Park in BC and used social media to post pictures. The light bulb went on.

GUEST BLOGS! That’s how I’m going to share all these wonderful sights our country has to share. I have reached out to a wide variety of people to share their pictures and stories. So stay tuned for some more red chairs and lots of arm-chair travel to enjoy! If you hit a National Park this summer and would like to contribute feel free to leave a comment and I will respond to you with details about how we can do this! Let’s see CANADA!!



The first link is to #MyCanadaDay150 — although while not technically Parks Canada it is the base of this 150 celebration year.



HOPEFUL GUEST BLOGS has turned into the Blog Reality Check

2018 Onward >>

Canada is a big country and we will continue to explore it. I will add links to blog posts as we go to new and interesting places.

The following seven posts are about our whirlwind `weekendroadtrip`in Newfoundland in April 2018. If you get a chance go — it is a fabulous place.


Signal Hill and Cabot Trail

Cape Spear

Seventh Heaven


Lost and Found


Not Average “Posts”

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