A Year to Leap

This really spoke to me. This time of reinvention. This decluttering of the full time work world. This making more time for Continue reading

I solemnly swear

I solemnly swear that I am up to Continue reading

Final Report

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Top Dog 2018

I am a list maker, dedicated to the art of a nice clean list. I always have lists on the go for various aspects of my life. I have decided that I would do my Continue reading

Day What?

Today is the 11th and yet I’ve put up the picture from the 12th for the In Gratitude of Kindness Advent Calendar.

It seems like I’m confused but actually I’m not. I had to do a small swap of those two dates because I hadn’t counted on a few factors. A super busy weekend, a wicked bout of insomnia and a cranky back meant I had zippo.

I had a list of recipients, a couple of lose ideas and no time or energy to create a single thing by the 11th. Total lack of advance planning!

So the toiletries have been in a shopping bag ready to go for a couple of weeks. I added jackets and sweaters from the pile of clothes that didn’t work for the immigrant family (too big) and a couple other items. I had already called to make sure these items were acceptable at the Lighthouse and off I went after work.

The guy at the intact desk was so appreciative and said everything will go to good use.

Easy and done! Just like the blog post. Good, now I need to go create tomorrow’s gifts and have a hot tub.


Day 10 – Life Saving Liquid

It’s in you to give. I’ve always (well other than that once but perhaps that’s a tale for a different day) been on the work side of this transaction. I don’t suppose that I could even wager a guess at how many Continue reading

ET call home

I must say that I am particularly well suited to the task for today’s task in the “In Gratitude of Kindness” Advent Calendar. Almost like I designed the Continue reading

60 Countdown

It’s been 60 years in the making. It also seems like a significant number and occasion but apparently it’s not.  Today my Continue reading