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Trailing it…

I feel incredibly blessed to have many walking trails right outside our back door and through The Gateway. Even when we lived in the city I sought out the nature walks along the river. It grounds me even if the trail is hard slugging (think tall tall grasses or deep deep snow) or hard to find (mostly cow and deer trails and sometimes they disappear). I love to take my littles on a walk and they love to go. There is always something new to see even, when one walks the same area regularly, if observant and mindful. Plus it seems I sort out a lot of mental headspace when I walk.

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An Apple a day…

I ate an apple today. It was cold, crisp and slightly sweet. Not at all like the apples of my childhood lunch box where they were warm and soft. The number of times I carried the same apple to and from school is probably fairly high. A work conversation from two school lunch packing dad’s let me know that this sort of thing is still going on. But back to my apple.

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In small flashes

It’s arriving, in small flashes. At first I thought it was just spring. You know – more daily sunshine hours and the worst of the cold is gone although lots of snow remains. Perhaps it’s planting a few seeds that will grow up to be tomatoes & other nummy things in a few months. Might be the return to fairly decent sleeps with less back pain and therefore I am less testy/irritable/grumpy out of sorts. But here’s the thing. I think it’s actually hope. Showing up in small flashes. In tiny little ways that kindle more hope. Some very concrete ways and some more the glimmer in the distance. I’ll take it on this roller coaster journey called life.

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