Smoke and Mirrors 

It’s all smoke and mirrors she said, with a wave of her hand upward.  Which could have been viewed as ironic when you consider that she usually looks Terrible, like really terrible . This time though we aren’t talking about our professional scrub attire of one size looks good on no one. This time the locker room talked turned to the things we can control.

All is this started after her young daughter said “have a good first day at work as a 41-year-old”. She then realized that perhaps she seemed old to her children. Someone, slightly older, chimed in that 41 beat 44 and so then I chimed in with “try 57” which of course made them all feel so much younger and me so much older.

Talk then turned to whether or not we looked our age and I, of course, popped in that our hands and our hair give us away. But apparently with smoke and mirrors the hair doesn’t have to. I relayed the story about being in the elementary school gymnasium at an assembly and realizing that I was one of only two mothers there with grey hair. Really I thought? So I’ve known for a while that grey is an oddity. It’s very obvious in Europe that I am “abnormal” as you just don’t see women with grey hair. At all. Even little old ladies who really look like they should have grey hair. It seems to be like 100% coverage over there.

I decided to do a little research for this post and found some interesting statistics from a number of different sites. One was from the Clairol website and another was from Statistics Brain while the third was from a Canadian site called Best Health Magazine.


Yes my hairdresser comes to my parties but she’s also my soccer mate!


It’s a huge industry with a lot of clout. I wonder about the environmental impact all around; the hair, the head, the hairdresser and the water ways. Although they won’t say it’s not healthy it perhaps has some side effects across the board. I’m quite sure thought that grey hair isn’t a heartless dictator and that being grey doesn’t rule my life. I do miss my lovely auburn curly hair but am happy that I have wavy white hair.


The best article I read was the one from Elle  called When, and Why, Do Women Dye Their Hair. It had some interesting historical facts about how even ancient societies died hair but it wasn’t just women and they used some interesting “stuff”. It delved into “modern” techniques and the impact of it.

I’m so glad that I have the confidence to wear my hair naturally. A good cut, some water to revive it at the end of the work day and out the door I go. I do lament the “boringness” of my hair at times. It would be crazy to grow it out and dying it would be expensive and time consuming. Far too much so for a wash and wear kind of person that I am but I did have some fun at my hairdresser/friend’s salon a few weeks ago when she introduced me to coloured hair spray! We settled on a “safe” blue colour that must have been too sedate as it never even got mentioned at our Christmas party! Perhaps I should live a little and try something extreme. Smoke and mirrors indeed. I think I’ll try the peacock look! 



2 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors 

  1. Kim Bushman December 30, 2016 / 8:19 am

    Yes! I too have embraced my grey but do put a “pop” of colour in it. Like you I get tired of the grey but do not want the fuss of doing my hair. 3 minutes is my limit to blow dry and style it. I have more important things to do with my time – like read your blog!


    • bernielynne December 30, 2016 / 9:18 am

      Ah thanks Kim! It is easy to get tired to the grey isn’t it. Plus my hair no longer lends itself to a radically different style. Thanks for stopping in to leave a comment.


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