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Nothing Ventured …

The garden lays silent under a thick blanket of white snow. The wind has a crisp snap to it.  The snow melts off the roof and makes a steady dripping sound in the eaves trough. Spring has not yet arrived and yet one feels the warmth of the sun. Prairie folk, as a general rule of thing, get impatient for spring to truly arrive. Where the leaves on the trees are adorned in colour and those first little buds burst up out of the ground.
Well it’s not here yet but I dig in dirt today and planted an assortment of seeds. I recently learnt about “winter gardening” from a local gardening blogger. The link for it is here at Winter Gardening. She says it’s a bit of a misnomer as one doesn’t actually, in zone 3, put them out in the winter but rather the early spring.

So that old saying, nothing ventured nothing gained, certainly applies here. I saved 9 milk jugs, bought two packs of seeds and a bag of starting soil. I found my marigold heads from last year. I actually kind of guessed what part of the marigold flower to plant so hope it works!

Now they are sitting on a south west spot where they will catch lots of Sun and hopefully not blow away. Wind always plays a factor in my garden and I did put them tucked in behind the corner for that reason. 

Now I wait. Just like we are all waiting for Covid 19. I anticipate that the virus will arrive before my plants are up so it’s a good thing I’m not counting on those greens to keep us self sustaining. On the other hand we have two freezers full of meat, fruit and veggies so we are probably set. This could be one time when having a full pantry makes sense.