June Beauty

I’m very fond of January which isn’t a statement most people make but perhaps June is my favorite. I’m all about the sunlight and June just can’t be topped for that. It’s like the light goes on and on and on! I’m like a school age child and never want to go to bed because it is still light out. 

These next two are from a walk that we finished after 10 one evening this week. The moon has been stellar this week, the twilight lingers on and on and then the morning sun starts peeking out so early. 

The plus to all that sun is that everything is growing like crazy! We could certainly use some serious rain but even so it’s all very green except for the trees. They are just plain ugly. Fortunately the worst of the caterpillars seems to be over. 

But the flowers and plants are a looking worth a few photos. I’m not sure what a couple of them are but the colours and textures are wonderful! The last one has only been growing for a few months but we will enjoy watching this little beauty pop up. 



Presto “Flowers”

Good things come to those that wait or so I like to believe. This is the second time we have lucked into greenery for our yard just by being in the right place at the right time. 

Our central garden area has been designed for a few years and most of the hard landscaping has been done except for the stone path. What we have lacked is actual plant material other than a stellar crop of weeds. 

This year early in the spring we were given some irises and lilies and so started the process of filling in spaces. It’s a big area and we need a lot of plants. We’ve got a copy of Sara William’s “Prairie Xeriscape” and have a list of species we think will do well out here. 

Friends of ours just bought a home in an old established neighbourhood and are extending the driveway and putting in a landing at the front of the house. Lucky us, for the time and energy, all of their established plants became ours.  It was heavily weed infested but at least a large number of the plants were on our list. 

  It was tough physical labour getting as much root as possible on every plant. We left one rose behind because the Manchurian elm was bigger than the bush. We took so much the back of the truck was full and yet their front yard didn’t look that stripped.  There is a peony plant that is huge!   

Once we arrived home it was decision time. South side, north side or on the west side. Put those two together, add what in between.  By the time we finished we were working by the truck headlights and atill have 2 bags of lilies to divide and plant today. There are three plants that I am doubtful whether or not they will survive and they are the peony, the clematis and the beautiful hydrangea. 




Now we just have to re establish their roots, mulch and add a “few” more plants.  It will be next June before we can tell how well they all did but we will keep watering and hope that winter isn’t too harsh on them.