Little Voice 

I’m pretty good at ignoring the little voice in my head. As a caregiver I’m quite typical in that I usually put myself last. Obviously when you combine those two factors self-neglect happens.  Continue reading

Fresh Trails Pond Style 

I’ve wanted to do this since we moved to our big wide open prairie space. It’s crazy that it’s taken 8 years to make it happen. I guess the stars were finally aligned although really it was more of a wind, ice and snow factor that played a role.

Yesterday’s actual event was conceived on a late cold December night, the result of a lot of fun and laughter.  Continue reading

Tuesday’s Ten

1. Drought versus monsoon

  • Nobody is a winner but at least our hay is cut and baled

2. Rainy day project versus a book.

  • Even on holidays I know which will win out because that’s the way I roll


3. Solar powered brain

  • Ireland is not an option except for a visit 

4. Baking versus projects

  • well seems the grand puppy ate half the baking last night I guess I should replace it

5. Sleeping in on a rain day

  • guilt free as long as it doesn’t affect my occasional insomnia 

6. Tuesday’s Ten

  • Not as easy a concept as it seems because I over analysis everything!

7. Holidays versus work

  • I miss my colleagues but I could easily retire and be content

8. Dog walking on rainy days

  • Makes you question your sanity especially when you add the grand puppy in the mix who has to go out more often

9. Home made tomato soup for lunch

  • Funny how we eat certain things in certain seasons — lunch in the summer is never soup but it will be today

10. Blog post done early

  • Saw this concept this morning on a blog that I follow and thought I would try it. I would post the link but it is the one thing I am still struggling with although I think I just figured out how to link to my own previous posts so will insert another list here 12 x 10
    • (not the real link — why can I not master this?)