Something from Nothing 

There is a wonderful children’s book called Something from Nothing. It’s by one of my favourite Canadian authors of that genre, Phoebe Gilman. I was reminded of this book recently when I decided to create something from nothing. Once the Continue reading

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff 

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll try to blow your house down said the big bad wind. And try he did. I felt it shaking in the timbers but I’m happy to report it stood another go around.

Not quite so successful with a few items outside though. There are watering cans and dog water dishes spread around in the hay-field. The trees don’t break as they are all still little so that’s a blessing I guess. We don’t have a lot of leaves to blow away either but I hear in the city that was an upside to the crazy wind.

There were loads of tired people at work today due to noise. The list of items that kept us all awake were varied but included a neighbor’s gate, tin shingles or tree branches. In my case it was the screen window but I did hear a couple of stellar bangs.  The new hot tub lid went up and over — yikes. Then the gate took a hit and cracked up.

The unfortunate but minor part is that all that fabulous fall colour is gone from our property. So glad we had our stellar photos done while the trees were wearing their glory coats.

Mother Nature makes her own rules. Nursery rhymes just play along.


Little Voice 

I’m pretty good at ignoring the little voice in my head. As a caregiver I’m quite typical in that I usually put myself last. Obviously when you combine those two factors self-neglect happens.  Continue reading

Fresh Trails Pond Style 

I’ve wanted to do this since we moved to our big wide open prairie space. It’s crazy that it’s taken 8 years to make it happen. I guess the stars were finally aligned although really it was more of a wind, ice and snow factor that played a role.

Yesterday’s actual event was conceived on a late cold December night, the result of a lot of fun and laughter.  Continue reading

Tuesday’s Ten

1. Drought versus monsoon

  • Nobody is a winner but at least our hay is cut and baled

2. Rainy day project versus a book.

  • Even on holidays I know which will win out because that’s the way I roll


3. Solar powered brain

  • Ireland is not an option except for a visit 

4. Baking versus projects

  • well seems the grand puppy ate half the baking last night I guess I should replace it

5. Sleeping in on a rain day

  • guilt free as long as it doesn’t affect my occasional insomnia 

6. Tuesday’s Ten

  • Not as easy a concept as it seems because I over analysis everything!

7. Holidays versus work

  • I miss my colleagues but I could easily retire and be content

8. Dog walking on rainy days

  • Makes you question your sanity especially when you add the grand puppy in the mix who has to go out more often

9. Home made tomato soup for lunch

  • Funny how we eat certain things in certain seasons — lunch in the summer is never soup but it will be today

10. Blog post done early

  • Saw this concept this morning on a blog that I follow and thought I would try it. I would post the link but it is the one thing I am still struggling with although I think I just figured out how to link to my own previous posts so will insert another list here 12 x 10
    • (not the real link — why can I not master this?)