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Wild Wednesday

Yep it was a wild Wednesday. Although technically it hasn’t been confined to Wednesday. It’s been going on now for a while.  Reading between the lines in Smoke and Mirrors I was obviously ready to try something “wild”.  What was I thinking?

Same old same old gets old right? So I decided some time last fall to let my hair grow “some” and see where it went. Well the curl still exists and in good hair “moments” it’s a nice cha ge. I am lucky to not have hat hair like some of my colleagues featured in Terrible, like really terrible. But still it’s wild and annoying, especially around my ears at the most inopportune times. I debated if it was worth the media storage space to include a post work selfie. I am still ok with the grey white but that wild side hair is too crazy. And it won’t be long enough to do anything  with it for quite some time. I do have a headband that I wear when it’s just driving me crazy.

Um..maybe it’s all out of control!

We’ve decreased the frequency of haircuts so I am saving money. That’s the positive take on it. Shall be very interesting to see what happens in 2 weeks when I enter and exit the hair salon. I know for sure R won’t want to cut off the curls and will tell me to hang on but… hair grows right?

So tell me — do you ever get bored with your hair? Have you ever let it go wild?   What secrets does only your hairdresser know?


Just for fun — a gallery of my hair over the years and 1 work photo of the “hat”


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

15 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday

    1. Ah thanks for enjoying the trip down memory lane. I had some good hair when I was younger! Not sure I will make chin length — it’s too wild right now. Shall see come Wednesday! Take care and thanks for stopping in. Bernie

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  1. During the pandemic I let my hair grow long. I had always had short curly hair, often in an elevated bob that required trims every 5 weeks. Now my hair is halfway down my back, I wear it in a ponytail, and I am much richer because of it. Plus, for me, long hair is teenage rebellion re-lived. And that’s fun.


    1. Found this in spam! Another WP interesting activity — moving regular commentor’s comments to spam! I am in the wild zone right now and really don’t know if I can make it to your rebellious stage! It’s true I only get my hair cut now every 8 weeks instead of every 4 when it was really short! Stay tuned to find out the end result next Wednesday! Bernie

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      1. Thanks for rescuing me from spam. Same thing is happening on my blog too. Regular commenters go to spam [inexplicably] while new less than sincere folks don’t. Bothersome


  2. The first photo in the red chairs….is the “best of both worlds “, nice curls on top and short in that not driving you crazy 😁💁🏼‍♀️


    1. Janis that’s it. The boring look of nothing new whether it’s fine and straight or crazy and curly. I like the curl just not the wild! Good to hear from you. Bernie


  3. Love the colours and love your hair, Bernie! Yes, I get very bored with my hair especially that it is dragging its follicles in becoming all white. I have a set of temporary colours and I am in this cycle of colouring the white, letting it fade, colouring it again…as a way of livening things up.


    1. LOL — Been full white for a while. Apparently I have one darker patch at the nape of my neck but that’s it. Easy to change colours or styles and we shouldn’t be a slave to style. That’s my thoughts. Thanks for always chiming in. I truly appreciate it. Bernie

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  4. Haven’t had my hair cut in two years…It’s now below my shoulders and I have my hippie long hair back at age 69…It’s thick and only white around my temple so there’s that. I discovered that my beautician kept her appointments (at her house) during the lockdown and that really irritated me so I haven’t been back—I’m at the point that I don’t much care about being beautiful anymore. 😁


    1. Weird that she would not have let her clientele know she was open. Good for you to get it that long!! LOL. I was white around the time at 25! I am okay with the colour of white it’s just the unruly wildness of it. I used haircuts today above my ears to tame it. Hair should be enjoyed not slaved over and obviously you’ve figured that out! Good to hear from you and this one didn’t go to spam! Bernie

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  5. Ha Ha. You have seen my pix Bernie. No more wild hair for me except maybe my eyebrows. Hard to believe it was down to my shoulders in my mid 20s. Hope all is well. Allan


    1. I did think of you Allan at the end when I posed those questions! Ah yes the long hair of our youth! All is well here Except for the hair around my ears the drives me nuts!! Bernie

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