Arts and Crafts Time

The weather outside has been a bit frightful today so it seemed like a great day for project time. 

We took it down a notch though and just did fun Arts and Crafts type projects. Inspired by the hand prints of our children, the early foot prints we did of Annabelle and my young colleague’s marathon of footprinting her little guy I was keen to have a go. 

We turned it up a few design degrees from the simple handprints done in our children’s preschool. So armed with a kit from a craft store because its apparently not possible to buy white mix for the big bags of quick mix we set up. The artistic design part was pretty easy to figure out. A heart for love, her footprints and her initials. The rest was icing on cake so to speak as long as the baby cooperated with the footprint part. 

That was a quick project so it left time to get back to work on the unicorn mobile. It’s been about 4 months since inception and about time to finish it. Her eye sight and time focusing has increased amazingly so it’s time to give her a mobile. 

Momma has a vision and eventually we’ll have it all done. Let’s just say that it gave both of us new respect for fisherman who tie lines and flies. That stuff is hard to see and harder to work with. So we are still working on it. 

I also spent some time up in the attic working on a series of special gifts but can’t post that project just yet. I’m pleased with my progress as the deadline is fast approaching. 

All in all a very satisfactory easy kind of day except for the part where the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in overtime.  


Broken Down 

This is not a post about my vehicle or the state of our local roads. Rather it’s about what we ask our bodies to do and how we usually push ourselves because at this moment I feel like a FORD (found off road daily). 

It’s hard to admit but sometimes my body is starting to feel it’s age.  Perhaps it’s because I had 10 days off and felt amazing. No early mornings, heavy patients, OR tables and equipment to move around. No run run run for 8 hours a day. Plus sunshine and beer at lunch. My body felt amazing despite 5 (yes 5!!!!) full days on the slopes. But the return to reality has been harsh. 

I didn’t sleep well when we were away but still managed. Since returning home I’ve slept really badly. Like really badly.  Mostly because my back has gone south in a huge hurry. I’ve tried all my usual tricks like meds, heat, shower, stretches and not much has worked. 

So by mid morning I knew my back had gone into crisis mode although  to put it into perspective it’s not life threatening and it’s 95% external factors. The spasms in the night lead to such tightness that I could hardly bend over. About the only thing that works is to keep walking. 

Thank heavens for a well timed phone call and the cancellation list. In to see my favourite physio man at the end of my work day. The one with hands like a Mack Truck. It’s usually not fun and I often swear at him a little (or perhaps a lot). We share a long history of him keeping me “on the road” so to speak but we were talked frankly about aging and respecting what the body is trying to say. We also discussed the tough hours my job puts on my body. This was followed by a brutally honest conversation about my lack of a regular stretching and strengthening routine. The up side he showed me this super cool 3D image of the my trouble area. This is not that image but it shows the two muscles that are acting together to haunt me. 


Now the issue is the one I always face when my back is brutal. I know,   without any hesitation, that it will recover faster if I don’t push it. So lots of ice, stretching, walking and light activities. Add too much heavy stuff and the various muscles all start to complain loudly together. Then it takes forever to get better. So I opted for a heavy duty muscle relaxant, a hot bath and a sick day from work. That’s tough for me. I feel immense guilt when I’m forced to put my feet up and rest but sometimes you have to listen to your body. I always feel like I’ve let my team and my patients down. 


St Francis 

I have a colleague that usually  leaves a thought provoking note on his paperwork at the end of the day. 

Today’s message spoke to me. So in case you can’t read Dr. writing it says 

The measure of love is to love without measure. 

                ~~St. Francis~~

Then today this package arrived in the mail. It’s from a friend of ours who lives far away. We don’t see her often but she reached out with some grandparent gifts! Which is all about love. 

This is love without measure. 


15 dog years equals old! 

Anyone who follows the blog knows that I dislike the wind. And yet 15 years ago we named our dog Breeze because it was a windy day. Go figure that out.

It was love at first sight. 

She’s been such a constant in our lives. Her enthusiasm  for the daily  walk has never wavered. The intensity that she brought to playing fetch in the water was crazy. She’d be shaking from exhaustion before she ever give up going back in. She was happy to be a city dog but happier to be a country dog. 

She’s stone deaf now and her sites Great but she can still tell when it’s suppertime. She has never quit pacing and worrying that we were going to forget to feed her. She can’t do stairs anymore but she can still walk 5K on the road and be happy the whole time. 

15 is kind of crazy old for a lab but she’s come through another winter. Her coats scraggly and she hates getting her feet cleaned but she still knows her people. Her quality-of-life is still very high. According to the vet she’s still pretty darn healthy although she is definitely getting a little bit confused on occasion or perhaps it’s just the site and hearing affecting her. I think she’s lasted so long because of the long daily walks. Got to run — she’s expecting her afternoon walk!