The Terminal

I was taught this phrase at work a few years ago and used it, contextually well, for the last time yesterday. In essence it is stacking Continue reading

Chopped Kicked Up

We did a little mini Chopped session at our house tonight. In case you aren’t familiar with “it” participants get 4 somewhat random ingredients and come up with a dish. Yes, well, obviously we spent far too much time watching cooking shows in this household but it came in handy.

Left over Continue reading

A Year to Leap

This really spoke to me. This time of reinvention. This decluttering of the full time work world. This making more time for Continue reading

I solemnly swear

I solemnly swear that I am up to Continue reading

Final Report

This Final Report is unlikely to make the top 10 list like Rick Mercer’s book has done but it’s an important step for Continue reading

Top Dog 2018

I am a list maker, dedicated to the art of a nice clean list. I always have lists on the go for various aspects of my life. I have decided that I would do my Continue reading