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Quiet Time

There’s a far too brief period in the afternoon, in the households of those with toddlers and preschoolers, where quiet time exists. Where parents (or grandparents because we need it even more!) enforce a block of time in the bedroom. A chance for everyone to catch their breath, so to speak, for the next round. It’s not a written parenting law but it’s a good plan. It provides a brief respite for parents and helps the child learn to amuse themselves.

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The wind flashes over the golden leaves and wafts the smell of supper under my nose. The endless flyby of migrating geese fill the ears with the sound of loved ones keeping in touch. The sun has lost its warmth as evening creeps closer but for now the golden hour holds sway. The harvest sounds have faded around the valley and everywhere there are naked fields. The cows are moving on out to find their favourite morsels to munch on before bedding down for the night. I sit on a hard cold stone step; one built with skill, persistance and love.

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