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Weather what?

It started out as a wordless Wednesday walk post, but time even ran away from me on a wordless post. Then I thought ah, Thursday doors, but again, it didn’t make it to the top of the list. So then I thought a Friday finish with doors being a metaphor for something? How about if the doors tied into my reading and I did a #what’sonyourbookshelf? Or do I just throw up my hands and say “what a week” and give it up and hit delete?

They are such pretty doors that I hate not to use the photos. It was a beautiful after work walk along the river bank. Tuesday, it stormed like crazy and visibility was almost nil. It was not a nice day at all but typical of March in Saskatchewan. I think it made Wednesday seem ever nicer with fresh white snow, a warm temperature (-7), and brilliant blue skies.

This week was kind of like the weather, I guess, so maybe that is my metaphor. The open and closed doors one just didn’t seem to work. Stormy, unpredictable, and then cold but clear (-24 as I write this which is definitely colder than normal) but with mountains of snow to be moved before the melt starts. Ah yes, I think I can work and write with that.

Bear with me while I set the stage. A busy weekend with the grandkids ice carnival on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. But…the baby shower for wee Cruikshank was also Sunday afternoon. So I skipped the saturday soccer game, and we had “girls” night watching the cutest little skaters. Then grampa did the duty of driving and watching on Sunday so we could host the event. It went very well, and Lexi, Spencer, and the baby received many wonderful gifts. So that was the calm before the storm, as in sunshine, blue skies, and just a light breeze.

But… (it always starts with a but doesn’t it) it ended on a slightly frantic note as we rushed out the door similar to a whirlwind. Our son in law had broken his tibia and fibula at work (which is 10 hours and one province away) and was slated to have an ORIF (open reduction internal fixation for the non medical people) that evening. So a quick trip to her home for some essentials and the dogs and then to our house. Minus dogs plus kids to the airport to wave goodbye to Momma as she flew out.

Which meant 2 grandkids, 4 dogs, 1 Nan working 3 shifts in a row, and 1 Grampa trying to work. It was a blast from the past in some ways, just that we are a LOT older now. It sort of felt like an endless snowstorm. An actual crazy storm (that I referred to above), a little boy with a fever, dogs that kept running away, and an insanely busy 2 days at work (it’s usually easy peasy). There were also chores to do after skating on Monday as she hadn’t planned on being away, and the hens and horses needed attention. Then add in driving in the actual storm for the better part of 75 kms, and you have one exhausted me.

But wait…. I had previously agreed to help our son and daughter in law paint in the basement. So off we went right after supper and 3 hours later returned home with coat one on 4 doors. Then Thursday I went back in and finished the doors and painted the trim that The Engineer (wearing his carpenter hat) had created the previous evening.

As referenced above, I had a lovely walk in the city (while waiting for my hair cut) and then home to calmness. Mom and Dad, 2 kids and 2 dogs were settled in at home (after their neighbour ploughed them in).

Ah, time to relax and get back to that baby quilt. But wait… my daughter is now way behind on the dual birthday party preparations for Saturday. I offer because that’s what mom’s do, and it’s not like the guy on crutches can do much. He’s still trying to get the swelling to come down after 2 flights, 3 airports (the biggest one without a wheelchair), and is basically out of commission. So Friday is a whirlwind of cakes and party favours and all sorts of stuff. Meanwhile, the other half continues with digging us out.

Hm… I have lost track of the metaphor. Still in the eye of the storm at this moment, but it will pass and soon it will be abothwr week. Westhwr wise it’s March, and the shorter but still long-term outcome is that spring will arrive soon. That long view is hard to hold onto when it comes to weather, but when you have a fracture, one lives in increments and takes the stage you are at before you can move on. When you are on the highway in the middle of a blizzard with limited visibility, you focus hard on what you can see. And perhaps that is also what we need to do in life. Really focus on where we are and practice mindfulness and gratitude. Like the weather


Definitely not as cohesive as I wanted, but I am going to hit publish. Before I go to bed and start the next week!


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

18 thoughts on “Weather what?

  1. A real Wordless Wednesday Whirlwind Bernie. Every post has a starting point and sometimes the words just pour out. Hope your SIL is doing better. Allan


    1. It kind of wanted to write itself but then it changed focus and then it just kind of drifted and blew around. It seems to have resonated with a lot of readers that life can be crazy at times. I am glad I took the time to connect though and I do like to be honest and open about my life and not put on some “pretty” social media face to it all. Thanks for taking time out of your quiet time to read and respond. Bernie

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    1. I debated just chucking the post Donna but those two doors wanted their day in the light but they were rather eclipsed by the “weather report” so to speak. It’s been a normal busy few days since posting but today is much calmer thanks. Bernie


    1. It was a busy start but enjoying some calm today. Thanks for the well wishes for my SIL – it’s a slow process healing from a traumatic injury but he is on the right path. Thanks for reading and commenting Natalie. Bernie


  2. My head was spinning just reading your post, never mind living through it as you did. Your writing perfectly mirrored the bedlam you were experiencing. Good on you for getting the post out in spite of it all.


    1. Wasn’t it a crazy week!! Wow and yes somehow I decided to do a post about it. It really was the fault of those two lovely door photos. They just wanted their chance to shine but somehow got lost in the bedlam of the post I think. Good to hear from you Margaret. Bernie

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    1. Deb. I was exhausted but kept going with a busy Saturday and Sunday, work Monday and kidlets Monday night and into swimming Tuesday. Today is my free day and boy am I enjoying it. Finally catching up on comments, reading and loads of other items. Things are slowly improving for my SIL but it’s a slow race that one and not a fast one. Weather is super awesome today with blue skies, sunshine and fresh white snow so I am out of here shortly to enjoy that. Bernie

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  3. Honestly you had a difficult week and I find your ability to write this post, that is more coherent than you might believe, a wonderful testament to your resilience. May this week go more smoothly, be boring even.


    1. Ah thanks Ally for saying it was coherent. I just kind of felt like i didn’t get it tied into a nice package but yes it’s crazy I even posted. I almost forgot and I almost decided not to. This week has been “normal” and today is a free day with NOTHING on the calendar so it’s been awesome! Bernie

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  4. Oh my….that is a whirlwind of pressures. I guess retirement has just as busy times as when you’re in the thick of it. Wishing you a calmer…warmer…sunnier week!!


    1. I suspect my week won’t be near as warm as yours! It has definitely been calmer, busy but normal busy. Today is my “down” day and I am super enjoying it. Finally catching up a little on some items like comments. Good to hear from you Brenda. I look forward to seeing you next month and finding out all about PSP!! Bernie


    1. Enjoying my “free”day today and am finally catching up on items like laundry, comments, the fridge and a nice long snow shoe. It’s been a busy but normal week which is really a nice change! Read your Saturday post in about 4 attempts and definitely will be leaving a comment. It’s a subject I heartily endorse. Bernie

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