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I’d Rather be…skiing

I stopped and did the math, and then the number made me do it again. It seems almost unfathomable.

We moved to Saskatoon in 1983, and during the discussion about the location, skiing was one of the key points. Was it too far from the mountains? Where would we go, and how long was the drive? My promise was that we would budget for a mountain trip every year and make it a priority. I’ve kept my promise for 40 years.

I missed the year I tore my MCL, but that was the first of the soccer mates ski trips, so he skied. Looking back, I suspect we missed the year our eldest was born as he’s a March baby. I do know that I skiied during my second pregnancy as I was just in my first trimester. We were so fortunate that gramma was not a skier and was happy to look after the wee ones. It was a sad day when my father in law (age 75 or so) quit skiing as that was the end of family trips.

1992, Silver Star. Kids had the chicken pox but it didn’t slow them down.

But by then, the kids had started skiing, and we never looked back. Then they started ski racing and we spent a lot of time at ski resorts, some local and some mountain. And then they grew up, and family trips were a thing of the past, but we kept skiing, and now family trips are back on again.

2023, Fernie. Top of bear chair, 3 generations

Over the years, our trips included family, local friends, and far away friends. As the years crept along, fewer friends kept at the sport, and we are down to one set that we share this passion with. Lucky for us that they retired to Fernie and enjoy having us visit. And we go often, always arriving with food and drink in hand and do our share in the kitchen. It’s from years of renting condos together that we developed this habit, and it has continued so as house guests go we are pretty low-key.

Ron & Bernie with Marian, together since 1979

Note the same ski jacket in the last two photos? I am hoping to be able to find a picture near the original year of purchase. I think it was 1983 or 1984 so I can’t find the receipt! He bought it at Sun Ice in Calgary, and that style is so old that it is now in again. This year, he had 3 compliments about it while standing in line. Sadly, very sadly indeed, it seems to be reaching the end of its limit. As Gord, who often changes jackets at lunch, says, “How the heck will we know it’s Ron if he’s not wearing it?” Unfortunately, they don’t do custom work (yes, I asked), but I will keep looking around as a friend suggested a local place he thought did that sort of thing. Yes, I sew, but I am not even sure where the heck one would find the material.

Anyway, back to skiing. It is definitely a sport for the affluent as it is not cheap. In looking around the ski hill, I would also say it is a young person’s sport to and that finding couples in their 60’s and beyond is getting harder to do. Having said that, we have no plans on quitting any time soon. In fact, next year, to celebrate big number birthdays, we are looking at going back country cat skiing again. It was as close to Out of this World as one can get and stay on earth! It was such an amazing day.

2004 onward, various hills & assorted family and friends

I didn’t go digging in the old old photo albums for pictures from prior to digital in 2004 and while we ski every year we don’t always take pictures. I also wanted to find the one of Ron at Sunshine going off the jump but an hour on the computer looking didn’t net it for me so you will just have to imagine it.

This post has taken me the better part of a week to create write this and pull the photos together. For something I have a passion for it seemed hard to articulate it into words plus looking for the perfect photo. That first one, the quality is so bad, but I had to include it with the cute kids smiling and my stellar looking long curly hair!



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

18 thoughts on “I’d Rather be…skiing

  1. For some reason, I thought I’d read this already…glad you linked it to SS! I love that you created a lovely leisure legacy with your children and grandchildren for skiing and being outdoors. Love your curly hair, Bernie!


    1. What cool words Terri — a lovely leisure legacy. Just like Ron’s dad before us we hope to continue this on for a long time! As to the curly hair sadly it’s all white now and short. It does indeed still have curl but not like then! Bernie

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  2. Thanks for sharing your memories and photos. My first experience at downhill skiing — 1966, I was 18 — was a disaster. I avoided ski hills like the plague until 2001, when a friend persuaded me to sign up for a trip to Fernie — you can take lessons, he told me. Well, I went and I did, and I enjoyed it. I was never very good; Blues, little mogles (sp?) and maybe the occasional easy Black were my limits. I don’t ski any more, a wonky knee that buckles willy-nilly is not sometime I want to happen when going down hill. But I enjoyed it, mostly because of the crazy people I skied with.


  3. Love the pictures. It’s pretty impressive that you’ve been able to return to the mountains so often and to share that experience with your kids. And glad to hear that family ski trips are back on the table!


    1. We’ve put it in the budget every year. Back when the trips started, my FIL paid for the accommodation (as we do now), so it was just gas and lift tickets. Back then, tickets were pretty cheap. Not so much now, but we budget accordingly.
      When people ask if we are doing a warm holiday, we always say yes in the mountains. It’s almost always warmer than in Sask!


  4. I have to say, I am happy to have stumbled on to your blog today. I went down a rabbit hole early this morning with my coffee and started reading all sorts of things. I don’t know what path brought me here exactly.

    Funny thing as my name is also Bernie, as is my mother’s and cousin’s. It is a family name. My grandfather was called Bernard, then my mother was called Bernardine (the feminine of her father’s name). It was also given to me and my cousin. What is your full first name?
    Love the skiing post. I skied while in high school but don’t love it. I am not one for cold or heights which means the chair lifts are not fun for me.
    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself. 🙂


    1. Bernie, nice to met you! I saw the new like and because of your blog name followed your path. How cool to met another quilter and Gramma that loves life and recognizes all the gifts we have. My real name is Bernice but I haven’t gone by that since I was 18. Thanks so much for stopping by and engaging with a comment. It’s always nice to find new readers. I find leaving a comment allows me to figure out where the heck I was in that rabbit hole! Bernie


    1. Isn’t it crazy though that it is decades!! Marian and I started skiing together in 1978. Ron, Marian and I in 1979 and then Gord joined us in 1980! What the heck. Anyway next year we get our first discount for lift tickets and I hope to hit the next marker — 75 and free skiing! So many memories!! Thanks for being impressed and for commenting. Bernie

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  5. I do miss skiing, but old arthritic knees are a reality and acceptance has come. We were lucky to start skiing in our early 20s and get our kids into it at an early age. We have many ski trip memories to Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise and Big White (our worst memory) and Christmas in the mountains was always a special time. We still have our skis, but they gather dust. Keep on,. keeping on Bernie. Allan


    1. Oh, definitely keeping on keeping on! I do get some knee pain, but it just means don’t ski 10 days in a row like we did the year I retired! I could ski groomers all day and have zero pain, but I’m still off on the edges having fun. Even found a few great tree runs with fresh pow!
      And yes, those are great memories, aren’t they?

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