A chance to explore my creativity and learn a new skill. It’s been interesting to challenge myself in this way.

Week one the instructor wasn’t well — we just “went at it” and ask you can see she makes it look like it’s It’s So Easy…but our results are less stellar.

 Fall Resumes

The Flowing Sunset

Cloud Cover

In the The root of my evil I discuss how our expectations can led to failure because we don’t feel like we measure up and get defeated. My grandson is a perfect example of just pushing ahead and learning. This is a trait I do have as it’s called persistence but I just need to remind myself not to be so critical of my own attempts.

Winter’s Colours

Strawberries Anyone?

Brush Strokes

Paint “Therapy

I would like to run full steam ahead. I have all these visions in my head of things I would love to paint but perhaps more time is required to do some basics. I feel like by An Apple (or 2) a Day there certainly had been some improvement in skills. I’ve gotten a better understanding of paint and drag finally. That one seemed to be the hardest to master for me.

The plan is to continue to spend time with that paint brush in my hand and work on my skills and my “eye” as the shadows in pictures seems to be illusive in my head.