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Strawberries Anyone?

It took a couple of weeks for these specific strawberries to ripen. Not that real strawberries would be caught

alive outside in the winter wonderland so as you can probably guess these are painted ones. It was a two week painting as it was several new techniques and fairly complex; well at least for M and I!

I actually did a second part one to practice the skills we had learnt. I am not sure that there was an improvement but then it gave me two pictures to finish for more practice. Which I think is the name of the game with watercolours as you can see by tonight’s finished results. The more time with the brush in the hand adds a depth to all the items that as novice painters we struggle to achieve. Not that we did badly — I think we have learnt enough to not be such harsh judges of ourselves and we have indeed improved in the seven weeks of the class. I am quite certain that you can pick out the different levels in the picture below.

All in all it continues to be an interesting challenge and a wonderful friendship time.


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