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It’s So Easy…

It looks so easy, when talented folk hold the brush. A dab of colour, a swipe here or there and wow. It looks so easy….

In reality it is of course a lot harder than that. I’ve joined one advanced, one intermediate and one rookie friend this fall in taking a watercolour class. It’s good to learn new things as we age and I’ve always wanted to try painting.

I was so excited to open the box and listen to the instructions. I felt no real expectations as I’ve never done this before and I’ve heard it’s a hard medium to learn. So rookie M and I decided we would make light of our attempts and not take it too seriously. She and I are pretty type A so that’s a big enough challenge.

I dove right in; taking it step by step but trying to not let fear interfer in my learning. But then the house painter in me stepped in and we laid the colour on. Like a thick first coat. Oops! Less paint more water needed and my colours were a million miles away from the instructor’s pallet.

Trying not to be daunted and watching my advanced friend at the end of the table moved along to the background. Again my colours were a bit different than everyone else but then I realized its ok. It’s our take on what she is saying and seeing although in the pic below it’s pretty blah.

We then set to work adding trees, which I thought were quite fun. A couple of them were a bit worse for wear but there are a few corrective measures she taught us.

That didn’t turn out so bad I thought and then I pushed ahead to the water. Which is where disaster kind of struck. I didn’t refer back to the reference photo and lost where land started and ended. Plus my rocks in the water got kind of muddy with algae when they were supposed to be reflective grey. And the reflective trees were looking a little worse for wear until the instructor came along with a tiny brush and gave them new life.

For health reasons she cut the class short by half an hour so she showed us how to finish up the picture. See — it’s so easy…. 😂😂

I never actually got the big tree until she finished the painting. Despite the video I took as she painted I strongly suspect finishing this will be a struggle. I was a keener and thought we took them back for show and tell but Advanced J kind of chuckled at me so I guess not!

I strongly suspect that anyone reading this would be able to pick out which ones were the beginners and which ones were done by a more experienced painter. But that’s ok. We all have to start somewhere and it was interesting for sure. Let’s see what we can accomplish in 11 more weeks of learning. I hope enough to do a sunset or two as that’s a direction I would like to g towards with this.


10 thoughts on “It’s So Easy…

  1. Pretty good for a first attempt. Good on you for trying Bernie. My motto is that we all learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. In that case, I have learned a lot over my lifetime so far. Keep at it and it will get better. Allan


  2. Hey, fantastic job! Keep going, you will get better and better! I always wanted to paint, landscape quilting sort of looked after that but maybe in my next life!


    1. Ah thanks. I’m hoping to use it to make cards and some bookmarks. Not sure I will ever set the world on fire but want to enjoy the process.
      Thanks for stopping in to leave a comment.


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