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Baby A spent the afternoon with Gran so momma could have some alone time and we had so much fun. Continue reading

Side tracked

Tis the season to entertain which usually leads me to clean the house deeply. Which in turn lead me to finally finish cleaning up the last of the garden. You can only move or hide things for so long before you need to deal with them. That applies to important shit and the beans from the garden.

So should it be #meatlessMonday or seeds for the actual bean plants next spring?

These lovely big purple ones are the big red scarlet runner beans I grew on a trellis in the old wagon. I’ll keep them for seeds. The little white and purple ones are called Jacobs Cattle or so says the bag they came from.

These brown beans seem to be two different kinds and must be the common bush plant that I grow every year.

I will combine them with a bag of kidney and brown ones that were my starter kit last year and do a pot of beans for supper Monday night. I’ve wanted to try making real beans from scratch for a while. Wish me luck or send me tips. Meanwhile I really have to go finish cleaning. Bernie

An Advent of Gratitude Week 1

I’m a titch late jumping on the band wagon but decided it felt right so here I am. This year my lovely friend and loyal blog reader inspired me to do a gratitude calendar.

Last year for the month of December I did a daily post based on my activities around a kindness advent calendar. I wanted more focus on the season and people and less focus on the perfect gift or event.

Remembering to find daily gratitude seems like a challenge right now (more on that in a subsequent blog post someday maybe) so that’s why this is so important. So below is my catch up for week one.

Dec 1 –Pay .25 per woman in your family who graduated from high school.

  • If I add my sisters, mom and my family now that would be $1.50

Dec 2 — If you rode in a car today pay $1, if you drove it pay $2

  • I’d pay someone $2 to drive me around

Dec 3 — Count the number of light switches in your house and Pay .25 per switch

  • Holy hanna banana that would be 34 for a total of $8.50

Dec 4 — Count your shoes/boots and pay .10 per pair

  • OK and I didn’t think I had many? $1.50 which included my work shoes

Dec 5 — If you’ve never had your power turned off due to your inability to pay your bill pay $5

  • Straight up $5. I was poor in school but didn’t have a power bill or it might have been an issue.

Dec 6 – If you have traveled outside of Canada pay $2. Pay an additional $2 if you have traveled within the last 6 months.

  • Guess the trip is still costing me (ūüėŹ) $4

Dec 7 – Pay $2 if you have bought a gourmet coffee in the past month

  • Redeemed myself there with a big fat 0 (good thing it didn’t say beer)

So after one week my total is $22.50. It looks like my last donation for the year is going to be a decent one. I will continue to monitor the amounts weekly and then in the final week I will decide were to donate the funds to.

So I’d encourage anyone reading this to challenge themselves to think outside their own box this holiday season. The great thing is everyone can make you their own concept of how to pay it toward.


The engineer/electrician/husband wishes me to correct my reckonings so while there are indeed 34 plates in the house there are actually 56 light switches. Well now that increased the donation significantly! That’s $14 so the new total would be $28.


Yes I post to Intragram too often, yes I spend a lot of time connecting in social media. While doing just those things today I discovered a new hashtag that I love!

It’s a time sensitive one though as like a throw back Thursday you can only publish it one day a week. In all reality I’m quite sure I can only do one blog post about it as I don’t have that many photos of them.

That said I have a few that are my favourites. 

AND that’s why I keep thousands (yes thousands) of photos on my phone. So I can blog all favourites from one spot. But alas I couldn’t find my favourite two nor the newest one I would like to have shared. So I guess you’ll have to check back next Friday. 


Black and White

Once upon a time in a land near here there was only one option. That was kind of like when dinosaurs roamed the prairies and I was just born or at least that is how old they all think I am at work. But I digress because really I am here comparing what was and what is.  Continue reading

The Real List 

I always have at least one list on the go, sometimes two. Often when I review them I can get discouraged. Perhaps the 90% positive way to is “look what I did do”. That’s the thought that occurred to me today when I Continue reading

NHS Twin Falls Tea House  

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