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Mixed Bag of Steps

We managed a few steps yesterday at various locations as we travelled down Scotland.

We went to St Andrew’s but the weather finally broke and it was raining fairly hard with a substantial wind from the North Sea. Skipped our outside lunch for fish and chips with a beer.

We then headed south inland to Stirling. The fog descended part way and was very photogenic!

We zipped on to Stirling and checked out the Castle and the Wallace Monument.

Our final stop was at my young English cousin’s place. We spent the evening catching up and discussing many subjects with her and her Scottish husband.

Hence no blog until today // doing this on the train to Edinburgh. Free wifi!!


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Quick Step by the #’s

There were 3 Distilleries

Balanced by 2 Castles

Plus 1 Cooperage

There was a graveyard to walk

There were endless windy country roads

There was lunch in the village square

There was 1 stone circle

There was 1 Co-op store

There was 1 Railway Station

But oh what a station it was

There was a mountain road

There was a ski hill

There was the sunset

But oh what a sunset it was


It’s late // there is more to the story but that’s it for tonight. Have to go do our Scotch notes.


Note to self

  • Chat with elderly lady in cemetery (( done due to insomnia))
  • Background on train station
  • The ski hill
  • Co-op store reference
  • Balmoral Castle
  • Pheasants
  • GDP of Scotland
  • Crop rotation and heather flowering