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This time

I started and deleted several paragraphs two days ago as I couldn’t seem to articulate my emotions into words. I wanted to do a thankful Friday post but that seemed at odds with Good Friday and the significance of the day. I couldn’t tie together the train of thoughts into anything cohesive. Then Saturday rolled along and I read a couple of word smith posts and played a head game about my writing and thought not today. Then Sunday the sun rose and with it hope. The hope of faith mingles with the Easter Bunny which always strikes me as so tangled. But then that thread shows me the connection I needed.

How times change and traditions develop. How hope comes with rebirth and perhaps, for the lucky ones, that’s what this is. How distance can be isolating or regenerating. How our choices make the difference in our lives and those around us.

Several items struck a chord in my heart today. The Queen’s words, a song and two blog posts. The song is by a group of Canadian female physicians. Standing in their owns spaces but bringing their hearts and voices together. Here is hoping that the link to this works because it is so worth the watch, it’s called  Rise Again.

“We know that coronavirus will not overcome us. As dark as death can be — particularly for those suffering with grief — light and life are greater. May the living flame of the Easter hope be a steady guide as we face the future.” Queen Elizabeth II.

The blog posts talked about embracing this new normal and not falling into a funk or a rabbit hole. Of finding rebirth in this time of solitude. Of finding hope and using love to light the darkness away. Of finding purpose and joy while staying isolated. Of finding our 90% instead of the 10% of darkness.

That’s what my young friend has done. She is a nurse on the front lines. She lives alone and so is separated from her family and her huge collection of friends. As I alluded to in a previous post I had given her an idea which she has turned into #lemonstolemonade, #isolationchronicles, #doorstepsessions and I saved the best hashtag for last #giveback. All she asked for this piece of our history was a donation to a local worthwhile cause; the Friendship Inn, the Food Bank or the Crisis Nursery. Looking out for others while providing front line care in the middle of a pandemic. There isn’t perhaps a bigger heart out there. 

These photos show us in our 90%. These photos show love in action. Love to restore an old house. Love to a friendship that started as that of a mentor and student and has grown into something much more. Love of technology that we can blow kisses good night to our sweet grandchildren. Love that we have so many blessings in our world like enough food, shelter and space. Love that we have family and friendships, that while we miss the close physical contact, will still be there when Covid19 finally fades away. 

Love and hope rose today with the sunrise


PS I do recognize that so many are struggling with all of those items we have in abundance. If there is anything I/we can do for any of my readers please reach out and let me help. A shoulder, a meal, groceries or a phone call. Whatever I/we can do because #weareallinthistogether. 


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

2 thoughts on “This time

    1. Thanks. It took 3 days to see my way here. Faith and hope can hide in darkness, as I’m sure you know, and it can be a struggle to find them. Thanks for reading and responding. Hugs to you, virtually for now, soon one of these days.


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