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It all adds up

It’s like my universe was trying to tell me something and it just took a while to see it. I started to doubt my inner self as seen

here on the blog. Was it just a narcissistic tendency that was spurring my writing on? Was there any worth to the content? Was anyone listening or was I just talking to myself? Is what I blog worthy or just drivel? All this self doubt just popped up one day after reading another blog about the relevance of ordinary people blogging.

So, like usual, I ruminated it (once a farmer’s daughter always a farmer’s daughter so cow analogies come easily) around like I tend to do. While I was doing that I read 2 other posts from different bloggers and had another ah ha moment.

A usual “travel photography” blogger talked about his wife’s journey through Fibromyalgia and what she had learnt. He wanted to put it out there just in case someone suffering hadn’t heard of this treatment. I forwarded it to a friend who has been burdened with this disease.

Another blogger that I follow, who is mostly retirement based at this moment, had received an email from a reader telling her that they had used her entire itinerary from her blogs about the El Camino. They thanked her for all her details and how well written it was. The comments on her blog, the sheer volume of which always blow me away, also shared stories of having touched people’s lives in a positive way. She finished up her blog with these words

I was deeply touched. So often we have no idea how our words can affect others…or who they reach. This was an excellent reminder for me to fill my words with purpose and kindness. And to keep on blogging.

This resonated inside me; fill my words with purpose and kindness. I pulled up memories of people sending me notes or emails or telling me in person how they felt about my writing. How it touched something inside them.

The icing on the cake was that after the last blog post about the unfairness of life I had 3 texts to see if I was all right. I was touched that they had reached out with a personal touch.

It seems that people are much more likely to hit the like button than they are to comment. Which is why it sometimes seems like bloggers are talking to themselves but we aren’t. That’s the long and short of this blog post. So thanks for stopping in to read, to comment, to text, to mull it over, to like and to just ponder. I will continue to hit publish knowing that someone somewhere might need to read those words that day.


7 thoughts on “It all adds up

  1. Hi Bernie, I am still having trouble commenting as there are many posts of yours that do not allow commenting. Luckily today you have comments turned on. When I can’t comment, I do hit the Like button as it’s all I can do.



    1. I went in last night and fixed all the parts ones. I am not sure why but I wonder if it’s that new block editor? I am going to hit the contact word press button and see what they can find out.
      Thanks for dropping in and leaving this comment and for reading. I really like your writing style and attitude by the way! If you are driving cross country you’ve got a bed at my house!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you Bernie – that is so nice of you to offer. I will be driving across country en route to my new home in a few months with my Barbados travel buddy for company – if all goes according to plan. Maybe we could meet for a coffee if things work out.


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