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Didn’t Finish It Friday

It’s another one of “those stories”. The kind that makes other people shake their head at me while I’m busy being annoyed at myself.

It starts well but the best stories always do. I was going to do a #FinishitFriday post with two creative projects that have been dragging on for ages. Like never mind ages, try years. So when I completed the trip photo album Friday am I was so excited by the thought that I would do an upbeat blog post that harkened back to my early blog days featuring creative items.

First visitors to check out the album

The other item finished was from a zoom class I took last May. Feeling uninspired I felt it was time to stretch my creativity and take a rug hooking class. Simple enough to do but…. it sat unfinished for months. The original frame we MacGyvered was ok but not for using in the easy chair. And seems I wanted to sit I had to try something else. Months later I finished it so it could get off the pile of to do hand work. But then what to do with it? I follow a “hooker’s” blog and she often fastens hers onto a unique item. Enter the left over shingles that escape the wood pile on a windy day. Dried off, cleaned it up and some hot glue later it was ready for a display spot.

Random is not my forte but the heart is cute

But so why is it Sunday and why the delay in posting? What makes it one of those stories? Well it has the same theme as Washing Day and inside it is the link for the other similar post.. but this time I didn’t wash my phone. It slid off the counter and the corner chipped on the tile floor. Frozen in time and 100% inaccessible. It’s like I am a phone slayer. I know being a dragon slayer is more high profile but that’s the way my life goes ..🐲

So while I had photos of the project they were now gone. Luckily I had uploaded photos 2 weeks ago so only “lost” a few. I picked up a phone for zero. But ROFLOL… the case, screen protector and warranty were not zero. I had to change brands as what I had is no longer sold in North America as it’s not compatible with Google. So it’s like starting over. Which reminds me I need to turn off this sound the occurs when I type.

So the quick little finish it Friday post was high jacked. I am still going to post it even though it’s now Sunday as the world keeps spinning. Kind of like my head searching for the . on the screen. 🌍🧐


Ps if you have my cell number and you read this post send me a text please. Because, you guessed it, my contacts were not backed up ( once again). 🤦🏼‍♀️


I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

10 thoughts on “Didn’t Finish It Friday

  1. I think that at this time of year and during current circumstances, it is all to easy to procrastinate. I am finding it tougher and tougher to get motivated. Hopefully spring will shake that out of me. Sorry to hear about your phone mishap. Hope you had a great Easter, Bernie. Allan


    1. I’ve started giving myself deadlines. Certainly keeps my momentum swinging in the right direction even if I miss the target slightly. Maybe it’s time to shake things up and find something new and exciting to do and that will find your motivation? Hope spring helps. Take care of yourself. Bernie

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  2. This truly is an awesome excuse for not finishing this all of FinishItFriday.
    Although I am truly sorry about all that phone drama — so stressful.
    Thank you for teaching me something else new. I had to look up ROFLOL (I was going will ‘Roll Over Friday Leave Objectives (for) Later’)!


    1. I wouldn’t call it an awesome excuse Donna but it definitely did factor in. I did try to find the humour in the situation with the blog post but man I am tired of learning new phones and losing all my info. I seriously need to get better at the back up stuff hey? I am always glad to teach but it’s not usually acronyms. I thought that was a fairly standard one but I guess you missed out on it somehow. Glad you also got a chuckle. Bernie


  3. This is the second post I’ve read today about craft projects and procrastination… is the Universe trying to tell me something? Like, get going on those you’ve been “planning to do”… I’ve moved the boxes of stuff in 2 house moves now!


    1. Pat, ah but note that I had procrastinated for eons on these projects. I dislike when things sit on my lists for eons and usually that is enough motivation — add leaving them lying around and eventually the clean and tidy gene insists that they be done. I give myself arbitrary deadlines as well which helps but sometimes with creative ones you need to “feel it” as well as put the time aside. I like to say that inspiration has to strike as well and until then things are just “maturing”. Good luck with yours and thanks for reading and commenting. Bernie

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  4. I don’t want to laugh at you, so I’ll pretend that I’m not. Also, I know from experience that phones are wily devils who live to torment kind folks like you [and me]. Happy Monday!


    1. The universe is perverse at times isn’t it? Also washed my winter jacket that day and now it’s -14. Adding in the new phone challenges and I’m slayed not the slayer. Laughter is good medicine so I hoped the post would help me find the sweet spot. The comments are doing that!

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  5. Oh dear! Not to laugh at your mishaps… but… I’m laughing. 🙂
    And thank you for the reminder to backup my contacts… and for this ‘upbeat’ post and laughter – you phone slayer you!


    1. I’d be a dragon slayer but dragons are hard to find so I practise on phones. I like need a tutorial on how to back up my phone. Hope it smells better than backing up the sewer😏.


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