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SundayStills My Silver Lining

I’ve used the basis of these words “silver lining” for a title before but this particular time they actually are in reference to a song title and not a perspective on life. I also stuck a pronoun in front of it because I want to make it personal. How these words affect my life and what my silver lining is and has been for the last 40+ years.

I thought long and hard about what song to use for this week’s blog prompt about putting a song to photos. My first thought had already been done in the example that Terri over at links to in her post. I then pulled up all the song titles by my favourite two bands and worked through what would be the best option. The winner was no surprise and here is a link for Hunter Brother’s Silver Lining video.

Even when the thunder’s rolling
And that clear blue sky’s been stolen

Sunshine was certainly stolen that day. As an aside wow the house has changed a LOT!

You break through like Heaven shining
Always be my silver lining

He broke through the crowd and helped me find my way in the mass of people.

Glass half full, I try to be
But when it ain’t, you’re there for me

Glasses are full not half full but soon they would be empty!

Bringing sunshine out of hiding
Always be my silver lining

Sunshine, blue skies and love in our hearts

You are my lighthouse, you are my way home
No, I ain’t never giving up ’cause you’re my stay-strong

Darn, I thought this was a lighthouse behind us but it is actually Cabot Tower. Drat

Light me up, light me up like you do
Fall into me, fall into you
There ain’t no thing we can’t get through

Well technically I fall into the powder and he picked me up but you get the drift!

Somehow the words and the pictures just fell together. That is not always the case but tonight it was. Perhaps it shows that it was meant to be. We’ve certainly gotten through a lot of things together in the 40+ years we’ve been together.

Is there a song that highlights your life? Or one that showcases something or someone that really speaks to you?



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

17 thoughts on “SundayStills My Silver Lining

  1. Your photos are exceptionally beautiful, Bernie. I loved everything about this post. Your words…the family photos….the love leaping from the pages. Thank you for sharing some of the good on our planet ❤️


    1. Ah – your phrase is so wonderful! The love leaping from the pages. That’s how I feel. 40 years in and it’s still so good. Thanks for enjoying the good I shared and for commenting. It’s still new to me that there is this OL community of bloggers that support each other.

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    1. Ah thanks Kirstin. It felt right to me and the photos are all favourites so I knew right where they were. Thanks for stopping by and engaging here with a supportive comment. Take care. Bernie


  2. A great tribute to a life partner. There is another song called My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit that I just love. The song that hits our team the most is Gratitude by Michele McLaughlin. It is a piano instrumental and was playing as we climbed back into the car after the most amazing scene at Abraham Lake and after our 2nd son’s wedding at Emerald Lake in 2016. All f 2016 was surreal for us and we were indeed filled with Gratitude. Stay well and always look for the silver lining. Cheers Bernie. Allan


    1. Allan, I just listened to a few songs by First Aid Kit and quite like them. Will explore more of them another day but I loved the lyrics to My Silver Lining. I am typing this while listening to Gratitude and it’s one of those lovely background songs that just makes you feel at peace.
      Thanks for appreciating the tribute to my other half. Hard to believe 40 years have passed. So many silver linings despite the challenges of things like Tumultuous Tuesday or other hard times. Feel like this is such a great stage of our life despite Covid. Thanks, as usual, for your loyal readership and for engaging here with good content in your comments. Bernie


    1. Thanks Donna. When I first started blogging everyone who read it knew me and now I’ve “branched” out and do as much personal blogging as I used to. Thanks for pointing that out. Appreciate the compliment about the photos – I felt they showed our love and our sense of fun and adventure.


    1. I do indeed feel very blessed Ally. I hit gold and was smart enough to realize it. I remember the exact moment that I realized he and I were meant for a life together. The photos do reflect those great days we’ve had. Thanks for stopping to read and comment. I’ve kind of backed away from a lot of personal posts but this one just felt right.

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  3. Congrats on your nearly 40 years of marriage, Bernie! Your images and song lyrics were so perfect to describe your wonderful relationship. But that house image with the ominous cloud–really spectacular! Glad to read in the comments it wasn’t a damaging as it looked. Have a great week and thanks for linking to Sunday Stills, if with weirdness–I blame WP, LOL!


    1. I think I figured out this morning that it was more my laptop than WP but I am happy to usually blame WP for weirdness! Thanks for reading and of course hosting the challenge. Yeah crazy cloud and a great photo of it and then I ran like a crazy to get to the house before the wind took me. But that’s all it ever was. Weirder than WP!

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    1. Susanne, the sky was blue and then it got hot and muggy and then cold as could be and the wind picked up. That cloud built and built and it was bloody scary. We got intense wind for about 10 minutes and 10 spits of rain. It was the strangest sky that became nothing. Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out the blog. Always nice to have new readers that stop in and comment. Take care. Bernie

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    1. Denyse, thanks so much. The lyrics just felt like our love together. The first verse talks about the girl in the relationship and I just left that part off and made it work so some creativity needed. Congrats on 50 – this is our 40th this fall. Thanks a lot for stopping in and commenting. It’s nice to have new readers that engage here. Take care. Bernie

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