Haiti update 

According to our fundraising page there are only 53 days until our medical mission leaves for Haiti. Today our team held the first of two packing events. We are still sorting through what they have, what we need to take and sourcing it all. We still have some corporate “yeses” that haven’t become reality yet in relationship to orthopaedics and that’s a bit disappointing to say the least but perhaps they will step up to the plate yet.


Loads of stuff! Gives us a perspective of what we use daily and don’t really think about

As a team we are at only 87% of our total fund raising goal which means we need to finish strong. We’ve added two last minute team members and one has withdrawn.

There is a fair amount of trepidation in all of us because there is a huge amount of political unrest in Haiti  because of a national election. As I understand it there is so much fraudulent voting that the current election process has been suspended so the president steps down without anyone to replace him. There has been lots of rioting and while this is nothing new in Haiti, as they have a very unstable history, it is very unsettling for the Canadians. The Ottawa team had their mission postponed a couple of weeks ago so we shall just wait and see. Plus there is now news of the Zika virus.

An update to this — just found the latest news on Twitter about the situation on the ground there.

Haiti Breaking News

In the meantime team members are trying to touch base with other groups to find out about equipment and teaching requirements. Via this contact I found a blog site from a Vancouver group and spent a bit of time reading all their posts. I had hoped to blog daily but it seems that the days are packed full and pretty overwhelming. Here is the link to their site Vancouver Haiti Bloggers.

I have been continuing to work on taking with us 28 quilts. I’ve only had one big and two little quilting bees which have produced a few quilts, albeit none of them are actually finished yet. But via the power of social media I’ve been promised many more. I’m currently not sure what number I am at and wondering about transporting them all. I’ve also had the offer of a few pillow case dresses and I hope to have room for those as well.


The first round of quilts waiting to go.


If you are interested in donating towards our mission here is the link: Bernie’s Sponsor Me Page . I’d like to send a shout out to all those that have already supported it, via donations and quilts and time volunteered. You are helping me to make a difference in the lives of a few Haitians who have no health care and orphans who have nothing.


PS — have my fingers crossed that all the links work.

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