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Tuesday’s colours

There seems to be some confusion in the googlielands (picked up that word from Pluto the dog) about the significance of today.

It may or may not be national colouring day. August 2 or Sept 15 – my pick was today. AND (I know, I know sentences don’t start with and) seems I had insomnia I have a freshly coloured picture for your morning pleasure. Alas I can’t find my green markers and I don’t have a pencil sharpener so I keep using markers when pencil crayons are so much more satisfactory.

I’ve always had a love affair with colouring. It’s such a relaxing thing to do and a regular insomnia activity for me. Tonight alas it didn’t work its magic but here’s hoping this insomnia is a one off and tomorrow (oops I mean today) I will be back to my wonderful 8 or 9 hours of solid sleep. If not I guess I will book another acupuncture appointment.

Once I gave up trying to sleep at the four hour mark I finished the colouring and then set about doing several quiet tasks. A load of laundry, tomatoes sorted cut and roasted, paint shelf cleaned up and a new colour of paint created, garage cleaned up and the onion harvest sorted and stored in the cold storage room. It’s too cool to go out to the garage to paint so maybe I will cap the night off by hand mixing some cookies or french bread. HM – cinnamon buns for breakfast anyone?

Oops – squirrel. I was going seque into colouring and mention how much I miss the Winnie the Pooh book we had when the kids were in the middle years. It was my all time favourite colouring book. I have a lovely picture from it up on my attic wall that my daughter and I did decades ago.

The book this picture is from was all drawn by a local woman. I’ve got a Canadian one and a fantastic cities one but they are both so complex and a bit daunting.

I’ve tried to encourage my granddaughter to colour and we get some entertaining results. I must try to sit the toddler down on my lap and see what he does with a pencil crayon. I strongly suspect he’s not there yet!

Enjoy national colouring day. Find some crayons or markers and have a go at it. Find your inner child.



I have had a love of the written word for my entire life. It's no surprise that eventually I found a platform where I could write. It's random; sometimes funny, occasionally sad, maybe even at times from anger and I lean towards creative photography and hands on crafts. I have a few blogs that high light these interests.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s colours

  1. Hi, Bernie – I’m sorry to read that you had another sleepless night.
    Your baking sounds divine, and your colouring is beautiful (despite the lack of green pencil crayon that you were coveting).
    As for the topic of beginning a sentence with a coordinating conjunction, I believe that this is a well-established, acceptable practice. The Chicago Manual of Style writes:
    “There is a widespread belief—one with no historical or grammatical foundation—that it is an error to begin a sentence with a conjunction such as and, but or so. In fact, a substantial percentage (often as many as 10 percent) of the sentences in first-rate writing begin with conjunctions. It has been so for centuries, and even the most conservative grammarians have followed this practice.”
    They go one to say that the idea of not starting a sentence with ‘And’ or “But’ (etc.) is believed to come from school teachers who were trying to discourage children from overusing these words. Kinda like keeping the entire class in for recess when a couple students do something that irks! 😀

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    1. Well thanks for the info about that and/so/but. I try hard not to but sometimes it seems to work the best — especially when one is tired. I do love colouring — no idea where the greens went and I have a full new set of markers in the attic (that I bought for my grandchildren) but can’t venture there in the night as it’s too noisy. Thanks for the info and the comment.

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    1. I am hopeful for a good sleep tonight. As I said in answer to Allan’s comment my sleep has been so much better lately that one night doesn’t seem like the end of the world like it did when it was so commonplace.
      Love the colouring — mine almost always ends up symmetrical as that seems to be how I roll. It’s such a relaxing activity but I miss my greens!! Thanks for dropping in and commenting Louise.


  2. Another less than satisfactory sleep night here, as well, Bernie. I did not try colouring but eventually, I was able to shut my brain off and had a few more disjointed dozes. I wish I could get back to my 6-7 hours a night, but…. Happy colouring and wishing you a good sleep tonight. Allan


    1. I have the same wish for you Allan. The colouring often works along with a hot shower. It’s been so much better since I did the acupuncture that I can handle one bad night — just reminds me of my life on call as an OR nurse and the all day all night all day scenario that was quite common.


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